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"It was the BA Media & Sociology degree that changed my life direction."

Main details

Year graduated 2008
Occupation Country Manager of the Shelter Collection
Country Denmark

"In 2005, I was straight out of a high school business degree, had recently joined Conservative Future and was signing up for the army after university. Three years later I left high-flying London to work with disadvantaged children and study reproductive rights in post-socialist Vietnam. Change of plans.

It was not about politics – right or left or right or wrong. It is about change and the ability of education to deconstruct, alter or enhance your world paradigm. 

It was a BA Media & Sociology degree at Goldsmiths that changed my life direction.

A both deep and broad syllabus conducted by eminent, approachable professors taught me to analyse information that I didn’t know was even questionable. I specifically trained in Goldsmiths’ areas of expertise – human rights, political communication and media discourses – knowledge that was essential for my post-graduate studies and career, but also for navigating an increasingly globalising world.

Goldsmiths’ highly accredited, active and captivating professors and tutors led me towards an MSc in Gender and Development and returning to Vietnam again, I am now Country Manager of the Shelter Collection, a foundation that runs shelters and educational programmes for disadvantaged children.

My Goldsmiths degree could have brought me anywhere, but it is an outstanding privilege that it brought me to become a part of ensuring education for others."

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