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"It's going to make a massive difference to me."

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"I found out about the [Rob Stringer] scholarship during our induction when I first started the course, and found out that I was eligible because I was from London. The application involved filling out a form, writing a personal statement and then getting a reference – I’d been at music college before coming here so I asked one of my tutors from there. It was quite straightforward and definitely worth doing! When I found out I'd got the scholarship I was so happy, it made my day! It means that I can now go and have music lessons outside of uni – I'm doing a vocal specialism, but I also play a bit of piano, and some evening classes will really help me improve. So the scholarship will really benefit my studies and will help me be the best I can be.

If you're thinking of applying for the scholarship this year, start thinking about references in advance so that you're well prepared. Maybe also discuss with your parents things like your household income too, as that’s something else that was needed for the application form."

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