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James Wilkie

"The people I met at Goldsmiths changed my practice, and my outlook on our world."

Main details

Year graduated 2014
Department Music
Occupation Designer of Sound & Music
Country United Kingdom

"The highest skill that the course and lecturers gave me was a heightened sensitivity to my own practice, and my purpose and place in sound.

The best part of being at Goldsmiths, is that it creates a level playing field, a shared language for collaborative, and inter disciplinary interactions: I found myself speaking to Art Theorists, to Designers, Architects - we all had ideas to share and grow from.

The people I met at Goldsmiths changed my practice, and my outlook on our world.

Today I design sound & music for performances, media, and spaces.

I engage in collaborative work with designers, choreographers, and architects, generating interactions using compositional methods. Produced ‘The Dino’ with RCA masters in Fashion candidate, Une Yea - a wearable and playable musical instrument which has been worn by multi-platinum artist, Zhang Jie during live televised performances in China. Film score, Interdisciplinary/Multimedia installations and performances presented at: London Design Festival; Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London; The Urban Photo Fest, London; London Sci-Fi Film Festival; Cannes Film Festival, France; Centro Cultural de São Paulo, Brazil; Dansateliers, Netherlands."

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