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Laurence Juber

“Goldsmiths added dimension to my pop sensibilities.”

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How did studying at Goldsmiths help you in your career?
"When I came to Goldsmiths my ambition was to become a studio musician; much of my musical development had been on the bandstand and in the studio rather than the classroom. I’m grateful that Stanley Glasser understood my musical milieu and championed me through the university system, which at that time was just beginning to recognise the dissolving barriers between the classical and the commercial music worlds. Goldsmiths’ curriculum added dimension to my pop sensibilities and gave me tools that I truly appreciated when I later began to expand into composition and production. While the music technology resources at that time were limited, they did prepare me to readily embrace the possibilities of MIDI and computer based music-making."

You’ve worked on a huge number of projects from film scores to grammy award winning songs – what are you most proud of?
"Being in Wings was a certainly a high point - I describe it as “getting a Masters degree from McCartney University”. My studio work generally has given me a presence on major movies, TV shows and hit records and the opportunity to perform with, and for, some extraordinarily talented artists, all of which gives me an enormous sense of pride. However, I think my career as a concert guitarist has given me the most personal expression and satisfaction. I recently played my arrangement of “Cry Me A River” to the song’s composer, Arthur Hamilton who described it as “a painting!”. That kind of feedback is worth the creative effort."

You’ve been voted one of the top acoustic players of all time by Acoustic Guitar magazine – what is it about the acoustic guitar that appeals to you over the electric?
"The electric guitar is a robust voice, but the acoustic has an intimacy that I find engages the audience in a more compelling way. I treasure the resonance and dynamic nuances, as well as its ability to articulate a complete musical statement - melody, bass, harmony and rhythm.  I truly enjoy the challenges that come with coaxing music out of six strings and realise that there is still so much more to learn. I can credit my time at Goldsmiths with having fuelled the quest for more dimension in my musical experience."

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