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Agar Ledo Arias

I am a Contemporary Art Curator interested in the political and social implications of art. I understand art as an essential tool for critical thinking that also contributes to positive social change.

Main details

Programme MA Art & Politics
Occupation Contemporary Art Curator

After working for more than a decade in different public art institutions, in recent years I have been focusing my research on alternative forms of institutionalism that challenge the neo-liberal trends of our times, characterised by commercialisation, in which art and culture have become exchange values.

I was looking for a discussion group to share my interests in politics, cultural policy, art and activism with, and I realised that the MA in Art & Politics at Goldsmiths addressed most of the most urgent issues I was researching.

It’s the perfect atmosphere for me to rethink my own curatorial practice and to discuss some of the current key critical theoretical discourses affecting the intersection between politics and art and its democratization.

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