Andrew Jemmott

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I feel that my experiences will assist me in the decision-making process.

I have recently completed an MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics. I was inspired to engage in additional learning after having undertaken an undergraduate degree in Politics at Goldsmiths. It was important to me because in my undergraduate studies I was exposed to challenging subjects including political theory and political economy. I wanted to explore these subjects more and the relationship between them and socioeconomic development. I subsequently applied for the MSc course at the London School of Economics. After successfully obtaining a place on the course, I was exposed to new challenges because the course incorporated history, theory, policy and some quantitative aspects of economics. Despite these new challenges I have always envisioned my career in a policy orientated role. It was thus important for me to go beyond undergraduate studies given the impact that economic policy has on people's lives. I now feel that this extensive study in combination with a career in a government body will assist me in my endeavours. I feel that my experiences will assist me in the decision-making process, allowing me to be more considerate of how unintended consequences can adversely affect the lives of others. I feel that my time and Goldsmiths provided me with the foundation necessary to getting institutions correct and I am prepared to pursue my career.