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"I can't wait to be a part of a vibrant and exciting place to study!"

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Department Psychology

"I chose Goldsmiths over other universities because of its sense of togetherness around campus. When I visited during the Open Days there was a sense of familiarity with people whilst walking down the corridors, and that is something that appeals to me. Also I was excited at the prospect of working with the lecturers who are experts in their field; and from experiencing taster lectures I could really feel their enthusiasm, which made me enthused about starting my studies. 

One thing that really helped to make up my mind was the friendly atmosphere during Open day visits. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, making me feel comfortable straight away and I knew I would have no problems settling in. There was nothing but positive vibes all around the place.

I'm most looking forward to meeting people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. London is such a multicultural city with a large number of different ethnic communities. At Goldsmiths all these different communities are joined together in one big community, and it will be great to learn about other cultures during my time here.  I can't wait to be a part of a vibrant and exciting place to study!"

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