Sarah Ngan

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I found the atmosphere very surprising at Goldsmiths. The atmosphere being very chilled and friendly.

I really enjoyed my BSc Psychology with Management degree, especially because it was very practical. The modules that stood out to me were Assessment & Selection, Leadership and Talent Management, Training, Coaching and Counselling. I knew I wanted to pursue a career within financial services, and the insight these modules provided me was perfect. 

For instance, in Assessment & Selection we had a company come and express the problems they were experiencing when it came to recruiting talent, and as part of our coursework we had to write a report on how to resolve this problem. This made the course come alive because we were able to apply the lectures and suggest innovative solutions.

I found the atmosphere very surprising at Goldsmiths. The atmosphere was very chilled and friendly, from the lecturers to the students.

My favourite part of the campus was the Richard Hoggart Building, on the first floor – on the right there are these comfortable and colourful sofas!

Studying at Goldsmiths university helped me immensely. I took up the position as a Student Ambassador, so alongside studying I was able to get work experience. This was very useful when I was applying for summer internships and graduate programmes. Get involved while you’re at your university, whether that is through joining a society or becoming a Student Ambassador. When you connect with students from other courses you can learn much more and make the most of the opportunities that are presented before you.

Currently I work as an Analyst in Environment, Social and Governance at the Bank of America. In this role I help to coordinate volunteering events across Europe, Middle East and Asia, managing over 50 charity partners, grant writing and advancing philanthropic opportunities. I enjoy the fact that the work I do is meaningful, and it is able to change lives, this is rewarding.