Pui Sze Leung

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The vibrant, creative energy of Goldsmiths students was infectious.

Interactive and engaging

It's difficult to pinpoint my favourite part of the degree as there were a few things I really enjoyed throughout my course. The class size was just right, allowing lots of interaction between lecturers and students. Some of my classes were also open to other students, which was a great way to meet people outside of my degree pathway. Also my lecturer organised activities like urban walks and guest lectures, which was both very engaging and intimate. They expanded my learning experience beyond the conventional class environment. 

A creative atmosphere

The vibrant, creative energy of Goldsmiths students was infectious. Not only was it channelled through the activities that students organised, it also permeated the atmosphere of the campus. Goldsmiths is also situated in New Cross, with rich histories of resistance that I had never known before. 

Broadened perspectives

Studying at Goldsmiths and meeting all the fascinating people has really broadened my perspectives on thinking about multiculture, social justice, the UK (Brexit, cost of living crisis etc), international current affairs, cities, migration experiences, activism, communities, art, decolonisation, race and gender (which aren't particularly mainstream topics of discussion where I'm from), and my very own story. 

Many opportunities to learn

As an international student from a city in which the education system doesn't encourage students to reflect, question, reach out, or actively look for answers, my advice would be to live the opportunity and dive deep. Get actively involved in communities (for example, student clubs, or volunteering in your neighbourhood, which I did!). Venture outside your degree and the Goldsmiths campus – after all, London is full of opportunities to learn. Join a march, walk around, travel the UK, and more! 

Alternative London

As a sociology student I found South East London and where Goldsmiths is situated extremely fascinating – a window into alternative and important histories of London, beyond stereotypical imaginings. It's somewhere I eventually fell in love with and moved to!

Working for a Nordic think tank

I am currently doing an internship in Helsinki, Finland, at a Nordic think tank. I am in the Transformative Governance team, working on a project about broadening civic participation in the decision-making process of Colorado's new Climate Preparedness Office. I'm also working on a project on experimental governance on regulating tech for Meta, as well as some other tasks including proposal writing. My main responsibility is conducting background research and writing reports. I sometimes help another team – the Regenerative Infrastructure team – with hosting workshops for their city projects. 

I particularly enjoy learning about all these new topics I'd never learned before. Even though these governance topics might be new to me, my research and writing skills are useful in drafting background research reports, which are important first steps of projects. I really enjoy the process of diving into new topics – researching and finding answers to questions I care about. Though I might not continue in think tanks, I do see myself working in research-related positions in the future.