Reid Allen

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The course was delivered creatively and with a present-day focus.

Inspiring teaching

I enjoyed studying at Goldsmiths. The staff in the Sociology department were fantastic and the course was delivered creatively and with a present-day focus. I was regularly inspired by lecturers and researchers working within Goldsmiths humanities and social sciences departments.

Favourite campus spots

The well-equipped library was excellent. The working rooms at the top of the Warmington Tower and the balcony area were my favourite places to work/take breaks. Lots of good food surrounding Goldsmiths - such as Cummin Up - get the Jerk Fried Rice for only £2.50! Cheapest lunch around and tasty too.

Life after Goldsmiths

I am now working as a Research Assistant for Nottingham Trent University. I wanted to get into this work for some time but without an MA, and some experience working on a project with Emma Jackson in the CUCR, it wouldn't have been possible. I really enjoy this work and the opportunity to understand social issues in more depth and produce research which can help combat them. I would like to work at this level for a few years before considering a PhD.

Advice for future students

Goldsmiths is a great place to study in a bubbling area of London. I'd advise getting a bike, saves you lots of money and keeps you fit! And I'd just advise people to try and get the most out of the degree they're doing - hassle staff for more knowledge! - and use the facilities that Goldsmiths has.