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"The only word fit to describe Goldsmiths and its Sociology department adequately is 'Goldsmiths'. It's now an adjective its own right and the only one able to reflect its uniqueness, originality and the richness of its intellectual and creative environment."

Main details

Year graduated 2012
Country Italy

"I chose to do my MA at Goldsmiths because I had already done my BA here. I had a chance to get a taste of the creative and innovative approach Goldsmiths prides itself for, and I couldn't get enough. The alternative-thinking, left-wing, arty, interdisciplinary and experimental atmosphere of the university as a whole really made a difference for me. And then again, so many of the authors I admired and quoted in my undergraduate studies are teaching at Goldsmiths. Especially in relation to Feminist Research, which is my field: Goldsmiths is where it is all happening.

My MA in Gender, Media and Culture has led me to a PhD project (which I am currently working on) about social distinction and gender ambiguity in mainstream fashion, and has also inspired much of my illustration work. It has also provided the (feminist) philosophical foundation of a creative business I am launching with my sister (who is a Goldsmiths student, too) and two friends (both of whom plan to come to Goldsmiths for their masters."

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