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"Being on the Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) course at Goldsmiths was a journey that slowly began shaping me as a professional."

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Year graduated 2010
Country Mexico

"During the course, I began to understand some essential components for DMP practice: supervision, personal therapy, private dance practice and clinical work. At the same time we were building on our skills as trainee DMPs and developing our studies.
I began understanding what it meant to 'develop a relationship' through movement. I started to realise the powerful healing qualities of movement through interacting with others.
The course allowed me to be part of a peer group that was formed of many talented and highly capable individuals who helped me change positively and learn in many ways. It was not long until I realised how much I enjoyed the work during my placements. It was not always easy, but I always felt supported by the staff team at the university. Each tutor brought a wealth of experience and challenges during the learning process.
Since qualifying, I have presented my work at the first National Dance and Dementia conference in Liverpool in 2010 in the UK, and the conference 'The Arts as Therapy' in 2011 in Mexico. I am currently developing a research project for the Alzheimer's Foundation (Alguien con Quien Contar) in Queretaro, Mexico, in which collaborations are made with professionals in the UK.
I have worked with carers and family members of persons with dementia, and have lead DMT workshops. We are pioneering the work, but I feel that my training gave me the necessary tools and changed my thinking in such a way that now I am able to see myself as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and I am working to develop the work in my own country."

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