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"The Dance Movement Psychotherapy MA is exciting, creative and supportive""

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I came from a dance and performance background, and realised that I was not able to think about the interrelationship of movement and meaning on a level that felt substantial enough for me. I have always had a passion for dance and a gentle curiosity about people’s thoughts and feelings. My heart called me to this course because of that. The MA is supporting, strengthening and extending my curiosity in ways that I never thought possible.

You are required to be in personal therapy whilst on the course. This is at an additional cost and is proving to be invaluable! I think of it as an investment in myself; a space where I can make sense of and take responsibility for my personal development. Keeping an open mind and having the extra support is giving me confidence in my professional practice.

The teaching is rich and enlightening. It is giving me skills that I can implement both into my placement experience and my personal and professional development.

The placement experience itself can be challenging (this year I am working in Adult Mental Health), but with this come many rewards. Supervision runs alongside the placement and is a space where you can think about the clinical work. For me, it feels like an extra backbone which is guiding and supporting me along the way. Goldsmiths also have impressive placement connections with schools, hospitals, community centres and much more.

The course offers an equal balance of experiential and theoretical modules. This is feeding my curiosity about the relationship between the body and mind – essential for my training to become a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist!

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