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"This course prepares you to work efficiently, skilfully, independently and successfully."

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"To be able to get a place at Goldsmiths and study social work I had to overcome many obstacles. I am 33 years old and Polish with a first degree in acting. I had to prepare myself thoroughly, mentally and technically, to be able to apply for the course. This included gaining appropriate work experience, completing an Access course, receiving counselling sessions, networking and taking an interest in current social issues. I was lucky to meet people who directed me to this university, as on this course you learn as much about others as you learn about yourself. 

I value Goldsmiths’ way of teaching, where we need to find our own motivation and strengths to be able to complete the course. We are not having an easy ride here, and we are very often working in small groups, where we have to learn to deal with conflict and different perspectives. This is a useful tool for developing professional and personal skills. 

I am a first year student and we have already had very difficult tasks set for us to do. I find it very helpful to develop good mechanisms and strategies to study under these circumstances. Our way of thinking is being challenged to teach us to open our minds, strip us from prejudice and assumptions and learn social work skills. This course prepares you to work efficiently, skilfully, independently and successfully.

I find this course very interesting and mentally stimulating with a range of lectures and discussions on contested topics. We have plenty of time to pursue our interests in the library but also time to reflect, talk or discuss, sometimes very passionately, rather than just listen."

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