Eran Sabaner Kalaora

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London is the best place in the world to spend your 20s.

London is the best place in the world to spend your 20s. It is so vibrant and culturally enriching. As an international student, it was amazing to experience the city with people all over the world. South East London has a lot to offer. One of my favourite art institutions, South London Gallery, is walking distance from the campus. Goldsmiths CCA is another favourite of mine.

Prior to Goldsmiths, I studied art history in the United States and my curriculum was very traditional. The Contemporary Art Theory programme at Goldsmiths introduced me to the fields of visual culture and critical theory. I got to read and discuss texts by inspiring theorists and philosophers with my peers and lecturers. The Visual Cultures department has a stellar faculty, it gave me the opportunity to work with leading scholars in academia. The texts you read at Goldsmiths are at times challenging, always create reading groups with your peers. Try to be active in class discussions, they teach you a lot.

I am currently working as a researcher at a virtual reality design agency. In my free time, I attend reading groups organised by the research collective I co-founded at Goldsmiths and write articles for online publications.