S. Buse Yildirim

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I realise how much strong self-confidence I was given as an independent and creative thinker.

The freedom to explore while studying

Goldsmiths has a unique pattern that helps you find your own creative abilities throughout your studies. I remember enjoying exploring all the ideas within a certain frame of freedom and learning how to think beyond borders using my own methods. Goldsmiths encourages you to be able to self-build. After my studies in the Visual Cultures department, I realise how much strong self-confidence I was given as an independent and creative thinker.

Life after Goldsmiths

After Goldsmiths I had the chance to pursue a second degree in France and a masters degree in Germany. I must say that the UK has a very unique approach in terms of cultural diversity, it provides a great opportunity to learn a lot from each other, and these cultural exchanges strengthen your empathy.

I am now working as a managing artistic director at Beykoz Kundura – an industrial heritage site converted into a cultural centre that I initiated in Istanbul. I am also working as a documentary filmmaker at Lita House of Production.

I enjoy being the first to think out of the box in what we pursue at the work, which might have some challenges but foremost the outcomes become inspiring for others and that always makes you smile.

As for the future, a lot of things depend on various conjunctures but I would like to carry on studying, keep nourishing myself and help to delve into my practice in depth. Academia also helps bring yourself up-to-date.

Advice for future students

Being at university is the best time of your life, make the best of it! By the time you understand the value of it, you do look back and appreciate the freedom you have as a student.