SpLD screening questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you to discover if you have indicators of a Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and/or characteristics of ADHD).

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Please read

  • If you have a mental health condition or take medication for a long-term health condition book in with an Adviser before completing the questionnaire

  • For an ADHD medical referral, you must speak to your GP. We can only assist with an educational referral, which does not result in medication

  • This is not a diagnosis – you will be signposted after sending us your results

How to complete the questionnaire

Answer the questions below and count how many you answer yes to.

Email the following to disability@gold.ac.uk with the title 'SpLD screening questionnaire'

  • Your name
  • Student number
  • Year of study
  • Number of questions you answered yes to

We will respond within a week with next steps.


As a child, were you late in learning to talk?

Have you had any speech therapy?

As a child, did you have a lot of minor injuries?

Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or Autism?

Have you ever used coloured overlays/tinted glasses?

At school, did you experience difficulties with any of the following:
Count each as a separate answer

   Learning to read?

   Learning to spell?

   Structuring your ideas in writing?


   Reading aloud?

   Mental arithmetic?


Did you get any extra support at school? For example have extra sessions with a TA or have private tuition?

Did you regularly run out of time in written examinations?

Did you receive any special exams arrangements (additional time, scribe, reader, etc.)?

Do you confuse left and right?

Do you find map reading difficult?

Do you often get lost in unfamiliar places?

Do you find it hard to remember directions if they are given verbally?

Do you often bump into things or people?

Do you often spill food and drink?

Do you find practical tasks (such as DIY) difficult?

Are you a slow reader compared to other students?

Do you dislike reading long books?

Do you dislike reading aloud?

Do you often forget what you have just read?

Do you re-read paragraphs to understand and absorb the meaning?
Think about this in the context of academic texts rather than a novel / newspaper.

Do you find it hard to pick out relevant information (for example do you find it hard to know what to highlight or note down)?

Do you sometimes misread words? for example January / journey or hysterical / historical?

When you have a choice, do you tend to avoid activities that involve a lot of concentrated reading?

Do you tend to move your lips and speak words quietly to yourself when you are reading?

When you are reading, do you often lose your place on the page?

Do the words sometimes blur or move?

Do you find it difficult to pronounce unfamiliar words?

Do you make spelling mistakes (if no access to spellcheck)?

Do you sometimes confuse homophones (for example their/there/they’re)?

Is your handwriting difficult to read?

Do you have problems with sentence structure?

Do you have problems with grammar or punctuation?

Do you have problems structuring essays?

Do you have problems writing meaningful notes in lectures?

Do you think you have a poor short term memory?

Do you often forget names?

Do you have to write things down so as not to forget them?

Do you often lose things or forget where you have put them? For example keys or phone

Do you find it difficult to remember facts for examinations?

Are you easily distracted?

Do you lose track of conversations?

Do you interrupt people?

Do you ‘zone out’ or daydream in lectures?

Do you fidget or find it hard to keep still?

Do you procrastinate and put off starting a piece of work?

Do you find it hard to meet coursework deadlines?

Do you find it hard to keep your work organised?

Are you generally disorganised and untidy?

Are you often late for appointments?

Do you find it difficult to do sums in your head?

Did you find it hard to learn your multiplication tables?

Do you often confuse or mix up certain numbers?

Do you find formulas confusing or difficult to learn?