Student Hardship Fund

Goldsmiths Student Hardship Fund, incorporating the Childcare Fund, is a limited fund to assist disadvantaged students experiencing financial hardship to continue with their studies and attendance at Goldsmiths.

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What the fund is for

The aim of the Student Hardship Fund is to remove unexpected and short-term financial barriers.

It is for students who had made adequate financial provision to support their study and living costs. But an unexpected and significant short-term situation outside their control leads them to seek financial assistance.

It is limited and is not intended as a source of income but rather as a safety net for students in financial difficulty. It cannot support a student for the duration of their studies, nor meet all expenditure.

The Student Hardship Fund can only assist with a contribution to core living costs.

It cannot help with the payment of Tuition Fees.

Each application is assessed on individual need and there is no guarantee that an award will be made.

This fund is currently closed and will reopen in late October 2022.