Cost of living support

This page brings together support available to Goldsmiths students during the cost of living crisis.

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The cost of living crisis is placing financial pressure on people across society.

Goldsmiths is committed to supporting our community and has put together a package of measures to help students during this difficult period.

This page also shares advice on maximising the support available to you as a student, as well as services offered by external organisations. 

Accommodation support

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding accommodation, students can contact Accommodation Services at accommodation( for advice and guidance.

We also have information on how to find private housing.

Wellbeing support

We want to support students who may be experiencing wellbeing difficulties as a result of rising costs.

Accessing wellbeing support is quick and easy. Fill in our online form and our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Part-time work opportunities

Our Careers Service has information about finding employment.

You can find part-time vacancies on CareerSPACE.

Make use of campus buildings

As a student you have access to a range of campus buildings, providing warm spaces for private study and meeting with other students and tutors. 

See our campus map

Maximising your money

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you are maximising the support available to you as a student.

  • If you receive a student loan, review whether you have applied for the maximum amount available to you
  • If you have applied for a student loan and ticked that you would be living in the parental home but have since moved out, you should contact Student Finance England to request a change and increase your loan amount
  • Make a monthly budget plan and stick to it. Advice on how to do this can be found on our Managing your money pages 
  • If you are an international student, ask your funding body if you are eligible for the maximum amount of support available to you overseas
  • If you are leaving the care system, your local authority should provide you with a care leaving package – check what you are eligible for with your local authority
  • If you are in receipt of state benefits before coming to university, check with a local Citizens Advice about which benefits you can continue to access when you become a student 

If you are experiencing immediate issues in accessing sufficient food for you or your family, please contact us at advice( as we may be able to provide access to a local foodbank.

Student discounts

Students have access to a range of discounts, including on travel, food and drink and entertainment. 

Our student discounts page collates a range of cards and memerships that can help you save money.

You may be eligible for a travel discount card provided by Transport for London.

Financial support

This year the College committed an additional £100,000 of funding to provide cost of living bursaries for students struggling financially. 

Applications for our cost of living bursaries are now closed. 

Those experiencing financial difficulty in the meantime should contact the College directly at advice ( 

Other ways to find support

  • Check that you have a student bank account, some accounts come with an interest-free overdraft
  • The Library offers laptop loans for students who may wish to study on campus but do not have access to a laptop or portable computer
  • IT and Information Services also offer equipment loans
  • The College provides free to download software for students and staff to use on their personal computers