Why Go Abroad

Studying or working abroad can improve your degree result, make you more employable and give you new experiences.

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The UUKi Gone International: mobility works report outlines the importance of international mobility to educational and employability outcomes. From this report we know that students benefit in the following ways:

  • Better degree outcomes
  • Increased employability skills
  • Improved self-confidence and independence
  • Greater intercultural awareness and communication skills
  • New relationships and networks for future collaboration

Higher grades, more likely to be employed

Students who were outwardly mobile were 9% more likely to achieve a 2:1 or a 1st, and 24% less likely to be unemployed than their non-mobile peers*.

The impact is increased for students from black or minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds with black graduates who were mobile 70% less likely to be unemployed.

* UUKi (2017) Gone International: Mobility Works. Report on the 2014–15 graduating cohort.

New experiences and skills

Students who undertook Erasmus+ placements in 2016/17 highlighted that they learnt how to plan and carry out their studies independently, appreciate different cultures and adapt to new situations.

Over 80% of students also highlighted that following the experience, they were more open minded and curious about new challenges and better able to cooperate with people from other backgrounds and cultures.

These transferable skills are all extremely useful for employment post-graduation.

Go Abroad Students

Find out from students what it is like to Go Abroad

Linda Arowolo

Linda Arowolo studied at University of Cologne to expand her cultural experience and ‘step out of the bubble London can create’

"The ability to live and adapt in different environments will raise my prospects by demonstrating how fluid I can be in different situation. Studying abroad has increased my career prospects positively as it shows how willing I am to engage in this global world. It also represents my commitment to a platform where there is understanding and acceptance of how different groups of people encounter the world.”

Jheng-Hao Lin

Jheng-Hao Lin (Computing) used the Santander bursary funding to attend two events in Berlin, Berlin Buzzwords Conference and Talk to me, Berlin

He developed his knowledge of data processing and voice interfacing technologies as well as his entrepreneurial skills.

“Thanks to the sponsorship from Santander, I was able to fly to this beautiful city and meet so much interesting people during these few days. These experience definitely contributes to my resume and portfolio, I highly recommend to apply for it if any of you have the chance to do so!”