Representing and mentoring

Becoming a mentor or representing is a rewarding role, allowing you to give something back and also help you to develop your own skills.

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Goldsmiths university and Goldsmiths SU offer a range of opportunities for you to help and get involved.

Student Community Leader

Student Community Leaders (SCLs) are a team of students employed by the Student Engagement Team to run events and create a sense of community in your department.

Student Community Leaders can either be at Academic Department level or at Academic School level.

Your Student Community Leaders in your academic department will run events in your department relating to things like study skills, social meet ups and student feedback. Student Community Leaders in your academic school will coordinate the team of SCLs working in academic departments.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Community Leader during your time at Goldsmiths, look out for applications opening in summer 2022 for the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

Department Student Coordinators (DSCs)

DSC's coordinate student representation at a departmental level. DSCs attend departmental and SU meetings and ensure that students’ voices are heard at every level of College decision making. The Students' Union and the College provides training in research, report writing, meeting procedure, and organising. They are also paid for their work approximately £700 which is tax deductible.

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Programme Reps

Programme Reps are students who volunteer to represent students at the course and year level.

They attend departmental meetings and collaborate with Department Reps to highlight good and bad experiences with the aim of improving the overall student experience. All Programme Reps receive training and development.

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The Open Book Project

The Open Book project works with those from socially excluded groups to encourage them to take up education, offering them ongoing emotional and practical support throughout their course. The project sometimes requires volunteers to help with teaching or mentoring.

Contact The Open Book Project for more information.