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BA (Hons) Anthropology

This degree introduces you to key issues and problems that have shaped anthropological thought. You'll study human society and culture, and will develop an understanding of the relevance of anthropology for understanding contemporary cultural issues.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Media

Bringing together anthropological theories and ethnographic studies with communication theories and media practice, this degree provides you with an understanding of cultural diversity and a critical knowledge of communication processes. 

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Sociology

Anthropology and sociology deal with human behaviours in their social context. This degree gives you a comprehensive grounding in these converging subjects, so you'll develop an understanding of their shared traditions and differences in perspective.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) Anthropology & Visual Practice

Providing a comprehensive treatment of social anthropology. The course offers training in photography, film making and editing. You'll study anthropological societies and gain insight into the field in relation to contemporary cultural issues.

  • Anthropology

BA (Hons) History & Anthropology

This degree is a challenging, critical introduction to two disciplines key to understanding human life, culture and society in the past and present. It enables you to explore contemporary cultural issues from an historical perspective.

  • History

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy & Economics

This challenging and ground-breaking degree introduces you to core ideas and issues in politics, philosophy and economics. It will equip you to understand how the economy is governed, how public policy gets made and the ideas which shape the world.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) Religion

In an increasingly globalised, more religious world, we need to understand religion as one of the most important social forces shaping contemporary society.

  • Anthropology

Why study Anthropology at Goldsmiths? 

Anthropology deals with a number of issues that are currently being debated in the media and other spheres of contemporary society: globalisation, migration, refugees, human rights, minorities, development, religious fundamentalism, drug policies, and the role of health care. It’s the scientific and holistic study of the human species, from DNA to language. 

  • Anthropology at Goldsmiths is fast and contemporary. You’ll focus on how Anthropology can help us understand society and our place within it, by applying it as a lens to explore everything from myth and ritual to new technologies.
  • We’re interdisciplinary. You’ll be able to look at this small but intense discipline in relation to a whole range of others, from politics and religion to philosophy and psychology.
  • We offer breadth and depth. You’ll delve into universal issues covering questions of power, ethnicity, and gender identity, and discover areas such as the anthropology of art. You’ll also apply anthropology’s distinctive ethnographic method closer to home, through fieldwork focusing on local life.
  • We’re interested in you. You’re an individual with your own particular experiences and gifts, so you’ll never be just a number. Your lectures, small group seminars, practical workshops, film screenings and field trips are led by a committed and approachable team.
  • We’re rated highly. We’ve been ranked joint top in the UK for effective teaching in the 2016 Guardian University Guide league tables for this subject.

Study abroad

The Department of Anthropology offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree.

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Photo of Fadah
"Anthropology shaped my outlooks but more importantly it changed how I interpret, assess and gather information critically."

"The joint Anthropology & Media degree expanded perceptions and thoughts in ways I could not anticipate. When it came to my dissertation I decided to explore and highlight what later developed into the 'Ârab Spring'. My dissertation entitled 'Young Ârab World Rising' pulled in personal experience and perceptions surrounding the ever-growing generational gap within the Middle East. With my case study focusing on Syria and being half Syrian myself it was through sheer luck that ITV News called me in to discuss Syria. With the fast-paced events unfolding in the Middle East I soon found myself thrown into the news room, gathering and producing news surrounding Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria to name a few. I now work for Channel 4 News and ITV simultaneously as part of ITN, as well as NBC. I was determined to learn everything quickly and through my determination I trained to be an Assistant New Editor on the foreign desk.

Goldsmiths for me as a whole was a vibrant and enriching place. Anthropology shaped my outlooks but more importantly it changed how I interpret, assess and gather information critically, all of which are invaluable tools for journalism and media."