Undergraduate Social Work degrees


Why study Social Work at Goldsmiths? 

Our teaching is characterised by a strong commitment to social justice and anti-oppressive principles. As such, we strive to cultivate an inclusive learning environment. You’ll be actively encouraged to explore and manage the tensions, ambiguities and uncertainties that exist in social work practice. By using an active and reflective learning approach, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, facilitating your critical thinking.

  • As a qualified social worker your job will be to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds and be able to gain their trust, in order to help them. Often you’ll be put in situations where your tact, patience and understanding will be needed and you’ll need to assess and cope with these situations in a sensitive and non-judgmental way – this is something that the teaching team at Goldsmiths will fully prepare you for.
  • The BA Social Work degree has been endorsed by The College of Social Work as having met the social work professional quality criteria.

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