Dr. Anthony Faramelli

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Position Lecturer in Visual Cultures 2019-2020
Department Visual Cultures
Email a.faramelli (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr. Anthony Faramelli
My research and publications are situated at the intersection of Institutional Analysis, Continental Philosophy (with a focus on recent French thought), psychosocial theory, and philosophies of resistance. I am specifically interested in the practice of schizoanalysis and the work done by Frantz Fanon, Félix Guattari, François Tosquelles, and Jean Oury. My work also intersects with issues concerning zapatismo, decolonisation, aesthetics, political theory, and indigenous resistance.
I am currently working on a project engaging with group psychoanalysis, mass psychology and fascism following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I am returning to Reich's The Mass Psychology of Fascism and questioning how this analysis holds up in our current data-driven psychosocial world where big data and psychographic microtargeting appear to have become the motors that drive psychopolitics.
I am currently teaching on a number of undergraduate modules:
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Feminist and Queer Technoscience 
  • The Arts of Surveillance 
  • Popular Modernism 1
  • The Aesthetics and Politics of the Face 
  • After the Internet