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Photo of Dr Alice Andrews

Dr Alice Andrews

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
a.andrews (

Alice considers the representations of biology and illness in various visual, literary and scientific narratives.

Photo of Dr Jorella Andrews

Dr Jorella Andrews

j.g.andrews (

A trained fine artist, Jorella’s theoretical work focuses on philosophical inquiry, the image-world, and art practice.

Photo of Dr Bridget Crone

Dr Bridget Crone

Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures
b.crone (

Bridget’s work concerns technologies of/and the body and image in curatorial theory, philosophy, and art practice.

Photo of Dr Jenny Doussan

Dr Jenny Doussan

Lecturer in Visual Cultures & Curator, Constance Howard Gallery
j.doussan (

Jenny is interested in the convergence and experience of language and image in art, media and politics.

Photo of Elvira Dyangani Ose

Elvira Dyangani Ose

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
e.dyangani-ose (

As a curator and academic, Elvira studies the relationship between global arts, post-colonial and museum studies.

Photo of Kodwo Eshun

Kodwo Eshun

Lecturer In Aural And Visual Culture
k.eshun (

Kodwo specialises in art and critical theory, referencing post-war liberation movements and contemporary musicality.

Photo of Dr. Janna Graham

Dr. Janna Graham

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
J.Graham (

Janna is a practice-based researcher, operating between curatorial practice and experimental education and research.

Photo of Dr Catherine Grant

Dr Catherine Grant

Associate Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures and Senior Lecturer (Critical Studies) in Art
c.grant (

Catherine is currently researching the re-enactment of histories of feminism in contemporary art.

Photo of Dr S. Ayesha Hameed

Dr S. Ayesha Hameed

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
a.hameed (

Ayesha explores contemporary borders and migration, critical race theory, and visual cultures of the Black Atlantic.

Photo of Dr. Adnan Madani

Dr. Adnan Madani

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
a.madani (

Adnan is interested in philosophies of globalisation, religious/secular life and intercultural encounter.

Photo of Dr Jean-Paul Martinon

Dr Jean-Paul Martinon

Reader in Visual Cultures
j.martinon (

Jean-Paul teaches curatorial theory and continental philosophy and is currently writing on curating and ethics.

Photo of Dr Sam McAuliffe

Dr Sam McAuliffe

s.mcauliffe (

Sam’s research is in modern European philosophy and critical theory, with an emphasis on art and aesthetics.

Photo of Dr Helge Mooshammer

Dr Helge Mooshammer

Visiting Tutor
h.mooshammer (

Helge focusses on the entanglement of artistic and spatial practices across social, political and economic landscapes.

Photo of Dr Louis Moreno

Dr Louis Moreno

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
L.Moreno (

Louis explores the spatial relationships and political economic forces that shape forms of everyday life.

Photo of Peter Mörtenböck

Peter Mörtenböck

Visiting Tutor in Visual Cultures and Professor of Visual Culture in the Architecture School at Vienna University of Technology
p.mortenbock (

Peter has research interests in the fields of networked cultures, other markets and worlds of matter.

Photo of Dr Stefan Nowotny

Dr Stefan Nowotny

Lecturer in Curatorial Knowledge
s.nowotny (

A trained philosopher, Stefan focusses on political theory, and the linguistic and social complexities of translation.

Photo of Professor Simon O'Sullivan

Professor Simon O'Sullivan

Professor of Art Theory and Practice
s.o'sullivan (

Simon is a theorist and artist working at the intersection of contemporary art practice, performance and philosophy.

Photo of Brendan Prendeville

Brendan Prendeville

Senior Lecturer
b.prendeville (

Brendan’s research interests concern phenomenology, Henri Bergson, and the themes of embodiment and selfhood.

Photo of Dr Manuel Ramos-Martinez

Dr Manuel Ramos-Martinez

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
m.ramos (

Manuel’s work engages with the interrelation between the political and the image/sound pair.

Photo of Dr Wood Roberdeau

Dr Wood Roberdeau

Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures / Head of Department
w.roberdeau (

Wood’s ongoing work concentrates on art theory and practice that addresses ecological and environmental concerns.

Photo of Professor Irit Rogoff

Professor Irit Rogoff

Professor of Visual Cultures
i.rogoff (

Irit champions work from outside of traditional disciplines in the search for new understandings of the present.

Photo of Dr Emily Rosamond

Dr Emily Rosamond

Lecturer in Visual Cultures
Emily.Rosamond (

Emily’s research explores the implications of financialization and metrification for online identity and selfhood.

Photo of Astrid Schmetterling

Astrid Schmetterling

Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures
a.schmetterling (

Astrid focusses on the relationship of culture to memory, between the act of bearing witness and the act of making art.

Photo of Dr Susan Schuppli

Dr Susan Schuppli

Director & Reader in the Centre for Research Architecture
s.schuppli (

Susan uses media artefacts in her investigative processes to explore contemporary conflict and state violence.

Photo of Dr Lynn Turner

Dr Lynn Turner

Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures and Programme Leader of the MA in Contemporary Art Theory
l.j.turner (

Lynn explores how animal and sexual differences matter in visual and aural culture.

Photo of Professor Eyal Weizman

Professor Eyal Weizman

Professor of Spatial & Visual Cultures
e.weizman (

In his research, Eyal forensically examines human rights violations using architectural, visual and aural techniques.

Photo of Dr Nicole Wolf

Dr Nicole Wolf

Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures
n.wolf (

Nicole’s current research interests derive from anthropology, film studies, politics and postcolonial theory.

Photo of Anthony Faramelli

Anthony Faramelli

Lecturer and Co-Programme Leader BA Fine Art and History of Art
a.faramelli (

Dr Anthony Faramelli is a psychosocial researcher and practitioner