Dr Emily Rosamond

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Position Lecturer in Visual Cultures
Department Visual Cultures
Email Emily.Rosamond (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Emily Rosamond

Emily Rosamond is a writer and artist, whose research stems from an interest in how historically situated performances of self are intertwined with developments in financial and informatic infrastructures. Her current work focuses on the implications of financialization and metrification for recent art practices that explore online identity and selfhood. She examines how the identification of users’ behaviours, habits, and tendencies in the age of big data – by audience measurement companies, fintech startups, credit scoring corporations, online reviewers, and investors – newly foregrounds character and reputation as speculative logics of networked personhood. 

Recent publications have focused on shifting logics of represented selfhood in the surveillance performances of SWAMP, Hasan Elahi and Erica Scourti (International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 2015); rethinking modernist legacies of abstraction in light of information politics (Message, 2015); reputation and character in the entrepreneurial imaginary (Paragrana, 2016); the implications of social impact bonds – new financial products allowing investors to speculate on social outcomes – for socially engaged art practices (Finance and Society, 2016); and addressivity in online dating platforms (Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 2018). 

Currently, Emily is working on a monograph on online reputation, and collaborative research project that aims to formalize Critical Reputation Studies as a transdisiplinary subfield. 

Emily’s art practice spans performance, painting, sculpture, drawing, and video. It often involves experiments in inhabiting personas through intense engagements with materials. Her ongoing project, Weathervane, explores how experiences of personal decision-making are inflected by the emergence of an oracular mode of address in prediction-rich online environments.

Recent exhibitions include Small Things Considered – Ceterus Paribus (Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, 2018); Plymouth Contemporary (Karst, 2017); Tenderflix, Horse Hospital, London (2016); Weathervane (Goldsmiths, 2016); Say What?, ASC Gallery, London (2016); and before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared, Tenderpixel, London (2014). Past exhibitions include solo shows at AceArt, Inc, Winnipeg (2010), and the Richmond Art Gallery, B.C., Canada (2008), as well as two-person exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba and Truck Contemporary, Calgary (2011).

Academic Qualifications

PhD Art, Goldsmiths, University of London (2016)
MFA Interdisciplinary Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (2007)
Interdisciplinary Studio Program, Toronto School of Art (2005) 
BFA Visual Arts, York University, Toronto (2002)

Teaching Qualifications

PG Certificate Course in the Management of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Goldsmiths, University of London (2015)
Certificate Course in University Teaching and Learning, Simon Fraser University (2007)
Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2015)


Emily is Joint Programme Leader on the BA Fine Art and History of Art. She currently teaches the second-year History of Art option module Frontiers of Performance Art, co-teaches the second-year core History of Art module Contemporaneities, and leads a teaching block on Digital and Data Publics on the BA Curating module Curating and the Public Sphere. Previous lectureships have included art history, theory and studio teaching on a wide range of topics including modern and contemporary art, painting, materiality, affect theory and algorithmic culture. Emily also writes and lectures on pedagogical issues – for instance, on cultivating metacognitive skills in teaching writing.

Scholarships and Awards

2012-2014 Commonwealth Scholarship - Doctoral, CSC United Kingdom

2009-2012 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2006-2007 Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

1998-2002 President’s Scholarship, York University, Toronto


Research Interests

Reputation, literary character, contemporary art, performance art, financialization, metrification, creditworthiness, information politics, algorithmic governmentality.


Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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Art Object

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Wifi Coming Through the Wallpaper.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Decision Aperture in Light Heat (simmer in the measure).

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. A trigger for each of the oracle's moods, as if she could cut through the thick through the thick crust.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. The premise does its job and then it's rolled up, it's rolled up like a carpet.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Weathervane (a score, a spell, a story, a sculpture).

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. That's one way of belonging, that's one way of getting the future to circle around the sharkifin of the present.


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Printed Ephemera

Rosamond, Emily. 2019. The Hidden Track.

Rosamond, Emily. 2018. The Ethylene Trio, Part 3: Oracles.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Office/Surface/Tension.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Pixelated City.

Rosamond, Emily. 2015. The Fog Generator.

Rosamond, Emily. 2014. States of Statue.

Rosamond, Emily. 2013. All Things Now Measured in Loveliness.

Rosamond, Emily. 2012. Imaginary Sculptures for an Infinite Economy.


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