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Dr Emily Rosamond


Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures


Visual Cultures


Emily.Rosamond (@gold.ac.uk)

Emily’s research explores the implications of financialization and metrification for online identity and selfhood.

Emily Rosamond is a writer and artist. Her current work explores character, reputation and personality as speculative logics of networked personhood in social media and finance. She serves as Associate Editor of Finance and Society, and Advisory Board member of Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory.

Her recent writings have explored topics such as financial volatility, financialization and culture, character in social impact investing, YouTube personalities as platform infrastructure, networked desire on social media platforms, and the 'post-truth' condition in art and culture. She is currently working on a monograph on online reputation, and launching the Digital Performance Research Lab project in the Department of Visual Cultures.

Emily serves as Director of Research for Visual Cultures. She teaches on a range of subjects, including contemporary art theory, performance art, performance and infrastructures, online culture, art and financialization, and digital and data publics.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Art, Goldsmiths, University of London 2016
  • MFA Interdisciplinary Studies, Simon Fraser University 2007
  • Independent Studio Program, Toronto School of Art 2005
  • BFA Visual Arts, York University, Toronto 2002
  • PG Certificate Course in the Management of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Goldsmiths, University of London 2015
  • Certificate Course in University Teaching and Learning, Simon Fraser University 2007

Teaching and supervision

I teach on a wide range of topics across Visual Cultures BA programmes, including digital and data publics, online platform cultures, performance art, conceptual art, financialization, and art markets. My MA Contemporary Art Theory special subject explores the entanglements of performance with infrastructures in various senses (eg. financial, digital, relational). I welcome PhD proposals.

Research interests

My research often explores unexpected connections between theories of financialization, literary character, contemporary art, performance, and algorithmic governmentality. I am currently working on a monograph, Reputation Warfare: Contested Credibility in Online Platforms, which explores how platforms amplify changes in the perceived value of people’s reputations. I argue that online platforms’ quantification of reputations – and amplification of conflicts about their value – inaugurates new forms of reputation volatility, which are reshaping culture, politics and public debate.

Other recent writings have explored YouTube personalities as platform infrastructure (Distinktion, 2023), volatility in finance, art and culture (Finance and Society, 2023), the implications of social impact investing for socially engaged art practices (Finance and Society, 2016) and in relation to literary theories of character (Journal of Cultural Economy, 2020); post-truth as bullying (in Fabricating Publics, Data Browser book series, Open Humanities Press, 2021); financialization, subjectivity and culture (in Capitalism, Democracy, Socialism: Critical Debates, Philosophy and Politics book series, Springer); online dating platforms and assetized selves (Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 2018); reputation and character in the entrepreneurial imaginary (Paragrana, 2016); and represented selfhood in the surveillance performances of SWAMP, Hasan Elahi and Erica Scourti (International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 2015).

My art practice spans performance, painting, sculpture, writing, drawing, sound and video. It often involves experiments in inhabiting personas through intense engagements with materials. My ongoing project (exhibited in Semio-Technical Traffics, SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen, 2020), explores the oracular mode of address in prediction-rich environments, rife with biological and technological signalling systems.

Grants and awards

2012: Commonwealth Scholarship - Doctoral, CSC United Kingdom

2009: Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2006: Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

1998: President’s Scholarship, York University, Toronto

Publications and research outputs

Edited Journal

Lee, Benjamin and Rosamond, Emily, eds. 2023. Volatility in Finance, Art, and Culture, Finance and Society, 9(3). 2059-5999

Book Section

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. Social networks and serendipitous desire. In: Amin Samman and Earl Gammon, eds. Clickbait Capitalism: Economies of Desire in the Twenty-First Century. Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 98-115. ISBN 9781526168160

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. Techniques of Aberrant Extraction: Transacting Surplus Acts in an Age of Speculation. In: Marsha Bradfield; Cinzia Cremona; Amy McDonnell and Eva Sajovic, eds. Transacting as Art, Design and Architecture: A Non-Commercial Market. Bristol: Intellect Books, pp. 203-212. ISBN 9781789384437

Rosamond, Emily. 2022. Cloud Relationality. In: Catherine Parayre, ed. Cloud: Donna Szöke. St. Catharines, Ontario: Small Walker Press, pp. 40-51. ISBN 9781990208195


Lee, Benjamin and Rosamond, Emily. 2023. Introduction: Volatility in Finance, Art, and Culture. Finance and Society, 9(3), pp. 1-17. ISSN 2059-5999

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. Communities, cohorts and counter-speculators. Journal of Cultural Economy, 16(2), pp. 294-297. ISSN 1753-0350

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. YouTube Personalities as Infrastructure: Assets, Attention Choreographies and Cohortification Processes. Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory, 24(2), pp. 254-282. ISSN 1600-910X

Conference or Workshop Item

Samman, Amin; Gammon, Earl and Rosamond, Emily. 2023. 'Clickbait Capitalism: A Panel Discussion'. In: Clickbait Capitalism: A panel discussion. UCL Centre for Capitalism Studies, United Kingdom 23 February 2024.

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. 'Thinking the Future of Money in the Humanities Workshop'. In: Thinking the Future of Money in the Humanities Workshop. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom 20-21 February 2024.

Rosamond, Emily. 2023. 'Cultural Studies of Finance and Society'. In: Cultural Studies Now: Thinking Conjuncturally. TU Dresden, Germany 27-28 October 2023.

Art Object

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Wifi Coming Through the Wallpaper.

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Decision Aperture in Light Heat (simmer in the measure).

Rosamond, Emily. 2016. A trigger for each of the oracle's moods, as if she could cut through the thick through the thick crust.


McCormack, Chris. 2022. Art Monthly Talk Show on Resonance FM.


Rosamond, Emily. 2019. Tall Grass Tells the Time. In: "Performance Night!", A.P.T. Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 16 February 2019.

Rosamond, Emily; Milne, Alexis and Oi, Lu Ma. 2018. Zine//o//morph. In: "Zine//o//morph", ASC Studios, Empson Street, London, United Kingdom, 26 January 2018.

Rosamond, Emily; Harris, Rowena; Prevett, James; Zaharia, Madalina and Craig, Kit. 2016. You must answer in the form of a question!. In: "You must answer in the form of a question!", ASC Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 3 October 2016.

Printed Ephemera

Rosamond, Emily. 2021. Swarm Signals.

Rosamond, Emily. 2019. The Hidden Track.

Rosamond, Emily. 2018. The Ethylene Trio, Part 3: Oracles.

Professional Activity

Rosamond, Emily. 2021. Associate Editor, Finance and Society.

Rosamond, Emily. Advisory Board Member, Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory.


Rosamond, Emily; Ørum, Kristoffer and Elmstrom, Iben. 2020. Semio-Technical Traffics. In: "Semio-Technical Traffics", SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhage, Denmark, 10 January - 15 February 2020.

Rosamond, Emily; Charlesworth, Dave; Cove, Ben; Estna, Merike; Gainan, Justin; Goodwin, Katie; Hughes, Catherine; Kiernander, Trevor; Pathan, Alia; Selby, Lisa; Systems House, M.; Taylor, Ross; Tilley, Annabel; Whatmore, Poppy and Zaharia, Madalina. 2019. Mimesis; Narrative; Against Hegemony!. In: "Mimesis; Narrative; Against Hegemony!", A.P.T. Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 25 January - 16 February 2019.

Rosamond, Emily. 2018. Small Things Considered - Ceteris Paribus. In: "Small Things Considered - Ceteris Paribus", Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 12 March - 4 May 2018.


Rosamond, Emily. 2016. Economies of Character (or, Character in the Age of Big Data). Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London

Professional projects

Semio-Technical Traffics
Two-person Exhibition (with Kristoffer Ørum)
SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen
10 January - 15 February, 2020

Conferences and talks

2019: “Character Capital: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialization of Behaviour”
Intersections of Finance and Society conference, City, University of London

2019: “Volatile Measures: the Financialization of Online Reputation”
Eleventh Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Birmingham

2019: “The Future-Oracular”
Schemas of Uncertainty: Soothsayers and Soft AI symposium, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

2018: “The Investment-Image of Contemporary Art”
Post-Capitalist Photography Now!, The Photographers Gallery, London

2018: “Surveillance Capitalist Aesthetics”
AMP Symposium, Royal College of Art, in partnership with Pump House Gallery, London

2018: “Volatile Measurement Environments”
New Narratives 2: Thinking Economics Differently, Kunstgebäude, Stuttgart

2018: “Profiling in Predictive Cultures”
Fine Art Lecture Series, Oxford Brookes University

2018: “It Sees”
MoneyLab #4, Somerset House, London

2018: “Reputation and Surveillance Capitalist Aesthetics”
Intersections of Finance and Society conference, University of Edinburgh

2018: “Second Selves: Auto/Biography, Figuration and the Financial Subject”
Tenth Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Gothenburg

2017: “Reputation Power”
MFA Art and Curating Monday Night Art Lecture Series, Goldsmiths

2017: “Identity Trouble (On the Blockchain)”
DAOWO Blockchain Laboratory and Debate Series, Goethe Institute, London

2017: “Financial Vision and the Disinterested Gaze of Power”
Intersections of Finance and Society conference, City, University of London

2017: “Reputation Capital/Reputation Warfare: Two Versions of the Optimal”
All Things Optimal, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick

2017: “Removing the Cap: Institutional Affectivity and the Financialization of British Art Education”
Ninth Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Leicester

2017: “Reputation Management, Surveillance Capitalism and the Politics of Nudging”
London Critical conference, London Southbank University

2016: “Algorithmic Witnesses”
MFA Art and Curating Monday Night Art Lecture Series, Goldsmiths