LASALLE College of the Arts

Goldsmiths has validated degree programmes at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore since 2012.

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LASALLE is Asia’s leading tertiary institution in contemporary arts and design education and practice.

“Goldsmiths’ degree award assures that our programmes are delivered to the highest academic standards and provides a valued qualification with international currency”

Professor Steve Dixon, President, LASALLE College of the Arts

Goldsmiths validates undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes across LASALLE’s three faculties of Design; Fine Art, Media and Creative Industries; and Performing Arts, through which 1,400 of LASALLE’s students are enrolled on programmes leading to a degree from Goldsmiths.

Goldsmiths is incredibly proud of its longstanding academic partnership with LASALLE, which has been enriched through staff exchange, research collaborations and student projects.

Over half of Goldsmiths’ academic departments are involved in the LASALLE partnership. Goldsmiths’ Academic Links help to assure the quality and standards of the degree award.

Academic staff and students from across both institutions have further strengthened the partnership through collaborative learning, teaching and research activities supported by the Goldsmiths-LASALLE Partnership Innovation Fund, which encourages innovative collaboration and cross-partnership working.

LASALLE-Goldsmiths Partnership Celebration

Partnership Innovation Fund (PIF) 

The Partnership Innovation Fund (PIF) is an initiative led by Goldsmiths’ International Development & Academic Partnerships (IDAP) team designed to support the growth and development of Goldsmiths’ academic partnership with LASALLE College of the Arts.

The fund aims to encourage, facilitate and foster innovative collaboration and cross-partnership between colleagues and students. It is also a valuable opportunity for staff across our community to professionally develop, and strengthen their skillset and professional profile through international collaboration.

The fund is accessible to all academic and professional services staff members from all departments at Goldsmiths and LASALLE. Applicants can apply for funding of up to £5,000 towards collaborative projects led jointly by both Goldsmiths and LASALLE staff that bring mutual benefits at both institutions. A broad scope of projects that align with the PIF’s aims and outcomes can be considered for funding.

Past-approved PIF projects include

Using Phenomenology in Contemporary Arts Research
Jorella Andrews, Goldsmiths, Department of Visual Cultures
Jeffrey Say, Clare Veal, LASALLE, McNally School of Fine Arts

‘Staging the exhibition: exploring the professional practices and performative potentials of the museum and its collections’. 2017- 2018
Bridget Crone, Goldsmiths, Department of Visual Cultures
Bala Starr, LASALLE, Institute of Contemporary Arts

Ardashir Vakil, Goldsmiths, Department of English and Creative Writing
Darryl Whetter, LASALLE, School of Creative Industries

Singapore London
Jill Westwood, Goldsmiths, Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies
Ronald Lay, LASALLE, School of Creative Industries

‘Challenging the Status Quo as a Role of Arts Management: Case Studies connecting Singapore and London’. 2018- 2019
Aleksandar Brkić, Goldsmiths, Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
Sunitha Janamohanan, LASALLE, School of Creative Industries

‘Mediated movement and choreographic collaboration’. 2018- 2019
Jamie Forth, Goldsmiths, Department of Computing
Susan Sentler, LASALLE, School of Dance & Theatre

‘Virtual Collaboration for Motion Capture and Dance Data Visualisation’. 2019- 2020
Dan Strutt, Goldsmiths, Media, Communications and Cultural Studies
Andreas Schlegel, LASALLE, School of Design Communication

‘Streaming, meme-ing, intervening in meaning: Cultural translation and the transformation of global popular culture through the creative use of online participatory technologies’. 2020- 2021
Sarah Maitland, Goldsmiths, Department of English and Creative Writing
Gan Sheuo Hui, LASALLE, Puttnam School of Film and Animation

‘Cultural Policy: a global perspective’. 2021-2022
Gerald Lidstone, Goldsmiths, Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
Audrey Wong, LASALLE, School of Creative Industries

For more information on any of our academic partnerships, please contact the International Development and Academic Partnerships (IDAP) Team.