Alumni email

After leaving Goldsmiths, you can access a free alumni email for three years.

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If you have problems accessing your alumni email account, please speak to the IT Service Desk using Live Chat

How student emails change to alumni accounts

Your account will be automatically converted to an alumni email account 150 days after your course end date.

You can access your email using Outlook’s webapp. Sign in with your Goldsmiths username in the format

Your email address will change to Depending on your degree and situation, the below applies:

Your email will change to

You will still receive emails sent to your address but any replies will come from

Your email will change from the current format ( to (

You will still receive emails sent to your address but any replies will come from

If you become employed by Goldsmiths, you will be given a separate staff account.

Due to data protection, you are not able to keep your staff account once your contract ends. Please ensure that you are using your staff account for work-related matters.

Your email will automatically be deleted, including email history and contacts. We are unable to reactivate your account.

If you return to study at Goldsmiths, you will either:

  • be given a new student email account if your previous student email was deleted, or
  • continue to use the same student email if you have one – once you enrol, your alumni email will change back to a student email

How long you will have your alumni email for

Your alumni email will automatically deactivate 36 months from your course end date. Your email history and contacts will be deleted at this point – we encourage you to save important emails, documents and contacts as these cannot be retrieved after deactivation.

If you don’t use your account for 18 months it will be considered inactive and deleted. This is in line with Goldsmiths’ information security and account retention policies.

Once an email account is deactivated, all emails and contacts are deleted and cannot be restored.