Alumni email

After leaving Goldsmiths, you can access a free alumni email. Use it to keep in touch with friends or provide a professional email address for CVs and job applications.

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Apply for alumni email

If you have already signed up to the alumni mailing list, you will still need to apply to convert your email address.

Your course end date is after 1 December 2020

Apply to convert your email to an alumni email

Please apply if you have completed your degree, you have been given an extension or will be resitting.

Your course end date is before 30 November 2020

The deadline to apply to keep your Goldsmiths Alumni Email account has passed. If you applied, you would have received an email confirmation and your account will convert at 120 days from your course end date.

If you missed the deadline to apply or did not apply, your email will automatically deactivate at 120 days from your course end date. Your email history and contacts will be deleted at this point – we encourage you to save important emails, documents and contacts as these cannot be retrieved after deactivation.

How alumni email works

If you applied, you can login to Outlook as before with your Goldsmiths IT username, in the format abcde001 or

Depending on your degree and situation, the below applies:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught

Your email will change to

You will still receive emails sent to your address but any replies will come from

Postgraduate Research

Your email will change from the current format ( to (

You will still receive emails sent to your address but any replies will come from


Your email will automatically be deleted, including email history and contacts. We are unable to reactivate your account, but you can put in a request for a new alumni email.

Alumni who become staff

If you become employed by Goldsmiths, you will be given a separate staff account.

Due to data protection, you are not able to keep your staff account once your contract ends. Please ensure that you are using your staff account for work-related matters and that you apply to convert your student email to an alumni email.

Returning student

If you return to study at Goldsmiths, you will either:

  • be given a new student email account if your previous student email was deleted, or
  • continue to use the same student email if you applied to convert it to an alumni email – once you enrol, your alumni email will change back to a student email

Problems accessing email and password reset

You left Goldsmiths after 1 January 2017

You can reset your password and unlock your account using One Identity Password Manager if you have previously set up your security questions and have an active alumni email.

We recommend trying One Identity Password Manager in the first instance. If you are still unable to reset your password, email alumni ( with your full name, Student ID and email we have on file for you to verify your alumni status and put in a request on your behalf with IT Service Desk.

You left Goldsmiths before 31 December 2016

Email alumni ( and include your full name, programme, year you left and email we have on file for you.

We will then verify your alumni status and put in a request on your behalf with IT Service Desk to reset your password and set you up on One Identity Password Manager so in future, you can reset your password if you forget it.

Restoring deactivated accounts

Once an email account is deactivated, all emails and contacts are deleted and cannot be restored.