Metal Art Practice Area


The Metal Art Practice Area will guide and support you to work with a range of processes and metals, from tig welding to plasma cutting.

Services and support provided

Support is offered for the following processes: brazing, cutting, electric, tig and spot welding, plasma cutting, forming, cutting and fabrication of metals.

Processes and Equipment

  • MIG, TIG, ARC, SPOT welding/brazing
  • Silver soldering
  • Plasma cutting (handheld)
  • Power Guillotine
  • Ring Rolling
  • Tube/bar benders and notchers
  • Range of mechanical saws
  • Folder
  • Polisher
  • Pillar drills/Mill
  • Full range of portable power tools

We stock a good range of mild steels and aluminium

Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 10am-7pm and Friday 10am-5pm


A limited stock of steel is available for sale.