Stitch and Fabric


Large and well equipped, this area enables students to interpret and express stitch and fabric concepts in a variety of ways.

Students are invited to use a wide range of machine embroidery processes including three dimensional work, pleating, dissolvable fabrics, pattern cutting and sculpting to create a range of interesting forms.

Equipment and facilities

The machine laboratory is equipped with a range of traditional, computer-aided and portable sewing technology. In addition to the Bernina and Singer-Irish industrial sewing machines, there are facilities for working with heavier fabrics like those used in upholstery as well as specialised techniques such as blind stitching, fabric over locking, smocking and tufting.

The room also contains several computerised sewing machines, one of which can be programmed using Ethos software and a scanner. This enable students to create complex stitched images, designed in advance by the user.