Graphics and Time-based Media


The facility combines two Art Practice Areas: Graphics and Time-based Media.

Technical support is provided in each area for all supported applications and processes.


Self-paced tutorial booklets are offered throughout the first two terms in graphics and video processes.

The programme is designed in response to student requests and is updated each year.

Video training

Training takes place throughout the academic year through self-paced tutorials, one to one assistance and advice from staff.


All of the computers are connected by a fast LAN network, which enables work to be transferred to any workstation and to be backed up.

The network allows transfer of files to other Art Practice Areas across the campus.


The main areas of support:

  • Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
  • Website Production

Equipment and processes:

  • 10 work stations
  • A3 Hi Resolution scanners. A2 Archive Photo quality inkjet printers, producing colour fast calibrated inkjet prints
  • 35mm slide scanning
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Animation
  • Video, graphics and media preparation for the web


The main areas of support:

Digital video production, sound recording, video editing/digital effects and post production to final output.

Video - Premiere Pro, AfterEffects and 3D Animation.

Sound Editing - Audition

Camera and audio kits are also available through a booking system.

We have facilities for digitising analogue video.

* Please note students are asked to provide their own external hard drives if editing with

HD video/large projects (advice on drives and media management is available).*


Tolga Saygin

Kineret Lourie

Meg Ferguson

David Ferrando Giraut

Ian Marshall

David Spraggs

Opening times  

Monday - Friday, 9.30am-6pm


Tel external: 020 7919 7676

Tel internal: xt 7676