Fine Art Printmaking


The Printmaking Art Practice Area provides guidance and support throughout the stages of producing a printed image, from scanning to the final output.

Digital facilities

Services and support provided

Application support for PhotoShop, FreeHand, QuarkXpress and Fontographer is available, but a rudimentary knowledge of programs is expected.

The main areas of support:

  • Calibrated digital colour output
  • Large inkjet prints up to 1.5m wide
  • Pre-press requirements
  • Font library
  • Laser halftone photo-positives for silkscreen and etching
  • Support and contact with printer services and bureaux outside of college

Equipment and facilities

  • 4 work stations
  • For booking purposes these are numbered and set up for specific tasks
  • A4 Hi Resolution scanners
  • Inkjet printers: 24” Wide - 42” Wide - 60” Wide 
  • Laser printers: A4- A3 Black and white, Colour Laser printer


All of the laboratory computers are connected by a fast LAN network, which enables work to be transfered to any workstation and to be backed up. The network allows transfer of files to other Art Practice Areas (APA) across the campus and can be accessed from the Goldsmiths Library.

Equipment, facilities and processes (traditional)

Intaglio - Etching

  • 1 Rochat Etching Press (48” x  26” bed)
  • 1 Seggie & Son Edinr Etching Press (48” x  26” bed)
  • Acid cabinet
  • Aquatint box
  • Metal guillotine

Processes: hard and soft ground, monoprints, aquatint, photo-etch, dry point and engraving using Zinc plates.


  • 3 x vacuum acreen printing tables  (40” x 52”)
  • Self contained UV Exposure Unit (Metal Halide)
  • Drying cabinet with light table
  • Print drying racks
  • Screen cleaning booth with power washer

Facility for printing colour separations, photo and hand painted stencils using Acrylic water based printing inks onto a variety of substrates. (paper, board, canvas, glass, metal, perspex ect)

Relief Printing

  • Abion Press (20” x 25” platern)
  • Albion (Wood engraving (12“ x 7” bed)
  • Nipping Press (18” x 24”)

Processes: woodcut, wood engraving, linocuts.

Essential printing tools are available for use in the laboratory.
A refundable deposit is required for any tools or equipment taken out of the Printmaking APA.


You must inform on-duty staff before comencing any work in the Printmaking APA.

Barrier cream, protective gloves, and face, eye, and ear protection are available and must be used where appropriate.

Good hygiene in keeping the Printmaking APA well ordered and clean is expected at all times.

Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed in the Printmaking APA.