Constructed Textiles


Situated on the top floor, the Constructed Textiles Art Practice Area offers a light, relaxed and inspiring space in which to work.

The area facilitates all Art students from undergraduate through to Research. Taught courses based in the area to introduce students to different methods of cloth construction. The A.P.A. facilitates the main Constructed textile disciplines: Cloth Weaving, Knitting, Gun Tufting, and Tapestry.

Equipment and facilities

The A.P.A. has a variety of table looms to introduce students to the process of cloth weaving. Computer-aided technology includes 3x AVL Studio Compu Dobby looms using ‘Weave Maker’ software, and a TC-1 & TC-2 Jacquard Type Loom using ‘ScotWeave’ software.

Knitting equipment available ranges from Single Bed Silver Reed Domestic knit machines chunky to fine gauges, Singer Double Bed Electronic machines, Dubied industrial machine together with Stoll CMS530HP Computerised Knit machines attached to ‘Stoll M1Plus’ software, and used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop.

Tapestry frames are available and range from small wooden frames to large scaffold adjustable frames set up by staff in the student’s studio spaces. The A.P.A also has equipment for felt making, spinning, a twin head hank-to-cone, cone-to-cone winder, and many smaller items, which are also available for loan to students.

A fully stocked Yarn Store integral to the Constructed Textiles area is available and run by A.P.A staff.