The Photography Art Practice Area provides guidance and support for every level of photographic ability throughout the photographic process.

Services and support provided

From borrowing a basic Digital SLR, learning to process Black & White film and prints, to complex Large Format, Multiple flash studio set ups. We support digital imaging (capture, film scanning and digital to film output) and all aspects of traditional (silver based/analogue) and alternative process.

The main areas of support:

  • Fully equipped photographic studio with flash and tungsten lighting and camera formats up to 8x10"
  • Black & White darkrooms supporting film processing up to 8x10" sheet and archival printing up to 4x6'
  • Colour darkrooms supporting RA4 printing up to 20x24"
  • High quality colour calibrated film scanning for formats up to 6x9cm
  • Writing of film digital images to film on Lasergraphics film writer
  • Loan of cameras, lighting equipment and accessories for off-campus projects
  • Support and contact with printers, finishers and equipment stores outside of college

Photographic studio

  • Full height area with backdrop 9'x10': This area can also be used for video but sync sound is not possible
  • Manfrotto Still Life table
  • Backliit Copystand
  • Bowens studio flash
  • Arri Tungsten lighting
  • Digital SLR: Canon
  • Medium format cameras: Hasselblad, Mamiya
  • Large format cameras: Linhof (4x5"), Toyo (8x10")

Bookings and loans

  • Canon Digital SLR's, 60mm Macro lens and Telephoto zoom
  • Medium format cameras and accessories: Mamiya, Hasselblad, Fuji, Rolleiflex
  • Large format cameras and accessories: Wista, Linhof
  • 2 head Tungsten lighting kit
  • 2 head Bowens location flash lighting kit with battery pack

Digital facilities

Equipment and facilities

  • One colour calibrated work station
  • Digital SLR cameras
  • Scanner for 35mm and medium format negatives and transparencies
  • Digital Film Writer for 35mm films (colour and black & White negatives and transparencies)


All of the laboratory computers are connected by a fast LAN network, which enables work to be transferred to any workstation and to be backed up. The network allows transfer of files to other Art Laboratories across the campus and can be accessed from the Goldsmiths Library.

Traditional equipment facilities and processes

Black & white darkroom

  • Deep tank Black & White film processing room for all formats up to 8x10"
  • 5 Dunco Multigrade head enlargers for formats up to 6x7cm
  • 1 De Vere 504 Condenser/Cold Cathode head enlager for all formats up to 5x4"
  • 1 De Vere 5108 Multigrade diffuser head enlarger for all formats up to 8x10"
  • 1 Bookable special process darkroom containing 1 De Vere 508H horizontal, floor mounted Multigrade diffuser head enlarger for all formats up to 8x10" for producing mural prints up to 6'x4'
  • Two bath archival print wash system
  • 1 Fibre based print glazer

Colour darkroom

  • 5 De Vere Enlargers for all formats up tp 8x10"
  • RA4 Colour print processor for up to 20x24"


Some areas and items may require training before unsupervised use. Please check with laboratory staff first. Good hygiene in keeping the laboratory well ordered and clean is expected at all times. Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed in any of the laboratory areas.