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Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards

The winning business will receive £50,000 equity-free seed funding & £25,000 additional business development support.

More details and how to apply

Applications are now open for the 2021 Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards

Goldsmiths will select and put forward one student or recent graduate business to these awards from the applications we receive.

The winning business will receive £50,000 equity-free seed funding and £25,000 worth of additional business development support (e.g consultancy, mentoring, marketing, legal, etc.)

The runner up will receive £25,000 equity-free seed funding with £25,000 worth of additional business support, as above.


Programme – 12 May to 28 July 2021

  • All selected businesses from universities across the UK will participate in an online programme of support, which will be a combination of sprints, pre-recorded material and networking events, delivered weekly
  • Businesses will pitch across the quarter-final, semi-final and final for their chance to be crowned the 2021 winner or runner up

Pitching – September to October 2021


To qualify to apply, you and your business must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Goldsmiths student or recent graduate (i.e. you must have graduated less than three years ago – since April 2018)
  • Throughout the process of the Award you need to be legally residing in the UK and you need to be at least 18 years of age
  • Your business must either be incorporated as a limited company, a partnership, or set up with HMRC as a sole trader
  • You must own a majority share in the business and be responsible for the direction and leadership of the organisation. This would normally include holding the title of CEO, Founder or Co-Founder
  • Your business must be able to provide clear and measurable evidence that the business model works, that the business is moving forward, and that there is a demand/need for the product or service
  • The business must have a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that has been launched (for a definition of what is meant by an MVP see below)

You also need to meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Have already made sales/be generating income
  • Have gained users e.g. app downloads or have acquired clients/customers
  • Be promoting or advertising the business publicly (for example, a public-facing website) with the specific aim of attracting sales/users or investment in the next 6 – 12 months
  • Have already raised funding or investment of up to £250k (this includes debet capital (e.g personal/business loans, loans from friends/family, etc.) equity capital (e.g funding/investment from investors/angels), any funding from Santander Universities, the University you are studying at, grant funding from organisations such as Innovate UK, competition winnings, funds raised through crowd funding platforms, etc.

Definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Santander Universities defines an MVP as a useable feature of a product or service that has measurable performance outcomes.

By useable, your MVP needs to be thoroughly tested and fully functional. This is defined by three functions:

  • Users must be able to complete actions and gain specific benefits from using the product
  • The MVP is viable. It must solve the real problems that your customers have
  • The MVP is the minimum version of your product or service vision. It is not incomplete or untested

Examples of MVPs could be an app, a programme, a physical product, or a website (with some form of call to action button).

For an application form contact student-awards (

The deadline for applications is 11 April 2021

If you would like some support with your application please book an Online Enterprise Appointment via CareerSPACE or email student-awards (

Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2020

Applications for the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2020 are now closed. Details of the 2021 Competition will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Find out more about the competition here.

Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs 

£60,000 prize fund, £100,000 worth of business support, 5 winners

More details and how to sign up

For 27 years the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs has helped creatives bring their ideas to life.

Partnering with MeWe360, the programme aims to enable and celebrate talented 18 – 30 year olds driven to make positive social impact through their creative enterprise.

Find out more about these awards here.

Applications open on 14 January 2021 & close on 31 March 2021

The Mayor’s Entrepreneur Awards

This competition offers five prizes of £20,000 each.

More details

Open to students and recent graduates from London Universities the competition is looking for business ideas that can improve the city in which we live.

Applications are now open for the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Awards and the deadline for applications is 18th April 2021.

The Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition Team is putting on a series of webinars which they recommend that you attend if you are considering putting in an application for the Awards this year. There are 5 awards of £20,000 each.

The award categories are:

  • The environment
  • Technology
  • Creative Industries
  • Health

The fifth award will be a judge’s choice, chosen from the finalists in any of the four award categories.


Ideas are judged on:

  • Originality - What makes your idea new for London? How is it better and smarter than what's already out there?
  • Capacity for commercialisation – How will your idea make money and who will use it?
  • Clarity - Make sure you describe your idea really clearly
  • Relevance to the aims of the award – make sure you link your idea to your chosen Award
  • Positive impact on the environment and/or society – What are the environmental and/or societal benefits of your idea?

More details and how to apply

The application form is available here:

The deadline for applications is 18 April 2021.

Help and advice

Contact Goldsmiths’ Student Enterprise Team at student-awards (

Further details about the Awards are available here.



A funding pot of £5000 and expert group mentoring sessions.

More details

Applications are now open for GradVenture 2021.

GradVenture is the pitching competition for budding entrepreneurs from the University of London. The initiative was launched & is run by The Careers Group, in collaboration with Seven Hills. This Dragons' Den type event is aimed at inspiring entrepreneurship and giving you opportunities to network beyond your college community.

The two themes this year are Building Community and Supporting Wellbeing. If selected, you get a chance to develop your idea and pitch further, receive group mentoring, network virtually and compete in the semi-finals in early June. Six finalists will then get the chance to pitch their business idea to four judges and compete for a share of a £5,000 prize pot in early July.


Open to current Goldsmiths students and graduates who graduated from Goldsmiths no earlier than September 2019.

Trading/Pre-trading: Your business or social enterprise can be either trading or pre-trading. If it is pre-trading it needs to have moved beyond the initial concept stage – for example, you must have done some testing or piloting, market research, or prepared requests for funding.

Further information about GradVenture.

For an application form contact

Deadline for applications: 15 April, 2021

Help and advice

If you would like some support with your application please book an Online Enterprise Appointment via CareerSPACE or email

Santander Freelancer Scheme

Apply for a grant of £1000 to do a freelance project for an organisation

More details and how to apply

Santander Universities have just launched new grants for freelancers.

To be eligible to apply you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) given by HMRC (applicable when registered as a sole trader or limited company)
  • Legally residing and working in the UK throughout the completion of the project
  • Be a current Goldsmiths’ undergraduate/recent graduate (graduated no more than 3 years ago (2017/18, 2018/19 or 2019/20 academic years)

The idea is that you apply for a £1000 grant to carry out a freelancing project for a small or medium-sized organisation.

Typical tasks could include anything from building a website or designing a logo, to writing a weekly blog post or shooting and editing a video.

Commonly sought after expertise covers coding and programming, design, copywriting, marketing, translation services, videography, book-keeping, SEO and public relations.

Anything can count as a freelance project where you are commissioned by a client to carry out a project (and are not employed directly by that client).

The deadline to apply is 31 March 2021.

Help and advice

Contact us at student-awards ( details about the grants and how to apply.

Santander Universities Business Accelerator Grants 2021

The winning business will receive £50,000 equity-free seed funding & £25,000 additional business development support.

More details and how to apply

Applications are now open for three Business Accelerator grants of £2000 each. These grants are funded by Santander Universities. The purpose of these grants is to support existing businesses to take the next step in their development, including scaling.

Earlier in the year, Santander Universities offered grants to freelancers (the deadline for these grants has passed). These Business Accelerator grants are specifically for businesses, to support growth and scaling.

We are looking for well thought through and carefully costed proposals, which will clearly assist you in taking the next steps in your business. Your business must be registered (in the UK) and it must already be trading.

Current Goldsmiths students & recent graduates (graduates must have graduated less than 3 years ago, as of 16 July 2021)

For an application form contact student-awards (

The deadline for applications is 11.59pm on Sunday 1 August 2021

If you would like some support with your application please book an Online Enterprise Appointment via CareerSPACE or email student-awards (