Networking is about establishing connections with other people. Sometimes these connections will help you gain access to opportunities.

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Building a network

  • Map out who you currently know: peers on your course, academic staff, speakers from events, employers
  • Join a relevant professional association – many have student rates and networking events
  • Get involved in activities: This could be organising or participating in an event, coming along to our employer events and fairs, taking part in the HEAR, working or volunteering
  • Look for a mentor. Goldsmiths Careers partners with the National Mentoring Consortium which supports BAME students
  • Use Goldsmiths Connect our own alumni networking platform
  • Make a positive impression: Show enthusiasm, be interesting, overcome problems - these are all ways to make yourself stand out
  • Use LinkedIn to build and maintain your connections - download our LinkedIn and social media helpsheet from our VLE page
  • Try to do something each month that is a positive step towards building your network

Build confidence for networking

  • Practice some opening lines to introduce yourself
  • Become more aware of your strengths – you can book a one to one appointment with a careers consultant to focus on this
  • Get used to asking questions – people like to talk about themselves and it takes the limelight off you
  • Develop good active listening skills
  • Get some small talk ammunition – keep on top of current affairs for example
  • Interact early on, it’s much easier than letting the fear build up

How to use networks for careers

  • Ask for information and advice such as how to get into a sector or how to enhance your experience
  • Look for introductions: Perhaps someone in your network knows someone in the job field you are interested in
  • Secure work-shadowing: usually involves spending a day or so with an organisation and is less commitment than full-blown work-experience
  • Make people aware that you are looking for experience or a job but don’t ask directly for an opportunity

Goldsmiths Careers support

  • Download our Networking helpsheet from our VLE page
  • Build your confidence by taking part in The Gold Award
  • Sign up to our workshops (on self-confidence or LinkedIn for example)
  • Come along to our employer events on campus. It’s a safe space and they are here to meet you