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There is more than one way to find a job.

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Covid-19 update

Graduate recruitment

Whilst there will undoubtedly be companies that will have to cancel or postpone the hiring of any new staff in these uncertain times, there are still a lot of organisations continuing with their 2020 graduate recruitment.

For companies that are still hiring it’s likely that any parts of the application process usually done in person, such as interviews and assessment centres, will almost definitely be completed online or even postponed until they are safe to do in person.

The important thing to note is that each company will have a different approach to their recruitment, so it’s best to check their webpages or contact them directly for the most up to date information.
New graduate vacancies are still coming through to our CareerSPACE Jobs Board every day, so be sure to check there regularly for new listings.

Without being able to attend events on campus many recruiters are delivering webinars and online sessions where you can find out more about the company and their opportunities. The best place to check for information on these would be directly on the company’s website.

If you can’t see any scheduled online sessions, contact them directly and ask if there is someone you can arrange a chat with about the role. Not only will you be able to ask them your questions, but they are also likely to remember your name for taking the initiative to contact them in the first place.

Part-time work

We publish new job vacancies on our CareerSPACE Jobs Board every day and a number of these have been for part-time work in roles regarded as being ‘key workers’, such as in supermarkets and care homes. Be sure to check CareerSPACE regularly for the most up to date vacancies.

Before applying to any role where you may come in to close contact with members of the public during the Covid-19 pandemic, please be sure you have considered and understood the potential health risks involved and that you keep yourself safe by following the UK Government Guidelines and NHS updates.

Different industries recruit in different ways, so focus on the methods and deadlines common in the sectors you are applying to.   If you are unsure about what these are come along to our workshops and employer events or book an appointment with a careers consultant.

Different ways of job hunting

You can increase your chances of success by combining different job search methods.  The most common ways to find a job are

  • Applying for an advertised role
  • Word of mouth – friends, family, a current or a previous employer, for example. Try Goldsmiths Connect our alumni network to build your contacts
  • Speculative applications – a targeted approach to an organisation that matches your interests and skillset. A common approach in the creative sector and with small to medium-sized employers (known as SMEs)
  • Signing up with a recruitment agency, particularly if you already have relevant work experience

Where to look

Our online job-listings on CareerSPACE are a good place to start.  Here you can find everything from part-time work to a full-blown graduate job.

How to search job websites

  • Browse job adverts to discover new roles or potential companies you could apply to
  • Bookmark job sites you like and check them regularly for updates
  • If you see an interesting advert but the role is not quite right for you, check the company’s own jobs page regularly or contact them speculatively
  • Look beyond job titles as organisations can describe the same type of role differently. Explore the person specification and job description to see what the job actually involves

Top Tip:  It is a good idea to keep a record of the organisations you have applied to and hold a copy of your applications. A spreadsheet can help you keep track of deadlines and dates.