Global job hunting

The topics you study at Goldsmiths may inspire you to job hunt globally.

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Good starting points for global job hunting information and vacancies are the working abroad sections of Target Jobs and Prospects. If your eye is on Europe you can find vacancies in the EURES site.

GradLink includes a range of new features, such as a faster, streamlined CV-building facility, and job-alerts for students based on their preferences. The site includes seven country/regional sections for China, SE Asia, India, The Gulf, Africa, Eastern Europe and Canada.  All sections include jobs, advice, news, CV-builder, case studies and more.

You can access a global network of Goldsmiths alumni via Goldsmiths Connect. Contact alumni working in the country you are interested in, for information and advice.

Key things to consider

  • Are my language skills up to scratch?
  • Will my qualifications be recognised? (particularly important for professional jobs such as teaching).
  • What is the job market like both generally and for my specific area?
  • Will I need a visa or work permit – what are the restrictions and requirements?

Volunteering and interning abroad

There are hundreds of organisations offering the opportunity to gain work experience overseas and they can range from good to bad.  Do as much as you can to check the reputation of these before you sign up. Go Overseas has worldwide listings, a blog with useful advice and you can connect with other travellers to hear first-hand about their experiences.

Long Distance Careers Support

You can use the Careers Service if you are out of the UK during your course and for up to three years post-graduation. Insert Appointments are available via Microsoft Teams.