Activities and Outputs

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Field research

Working with 20 schools across England, interviewing parents, pupils and teachers. 10 interviews carried out with selected employers from the public and private sectors.  

Filmed interviews

Short filmed interviews with leading figures in the field give their perspective on the future of religion and belief learning in schools. .

Expert consultations

Three 'influencers group' meetings discussed the preliminary findings of the research and included experts in RE policy and practice, sociology of religion and education more widely. A summary of each discussion is available below:

Press coverage of REforREal "Religious education needs to be brought into the 21st century, study concludes" 26 November 2015

BBC News: "Religious education in England 'needs overhaul'" 27 November 2015

Church Times: "Goldsmiths' report calls for overhaul of RE" 27 November 2015

RE:Online: "Wrestling control from the big beasts - Alan Brine" 27 November 2015

BBC Radio 4: "Religious Education Report: A one year study into RE has been published. Prof Adam Dinham discusses its findings" 29 November 2015

News and Events

RE for REal: A consultation on religious education

Westminster Faith Debates teamed up with the FCSU's Re for Real team to deliver the first debate of 2015. A public debate on the future of Religious Education, following a morning consultation with invited schools and RE professionals on what is working well and what needs to change about Religious Education in the UK. More information can be found on the Faith Debates website.

What's RE for?

Professor Adam Dinham and Martha Shaw ask what RE is for. The article provides an engaging explanation of the gap between the contemporary religious landscape and public understanding of religion, and points to how RE will fill the gap. Read the full article at RE: Online.