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Short filmed interviews with leading figures in the field give their perspective on the future of religion and belief learning in schools.

Watch Grace Davie on the future of RE

Grace Davie is a name that requires no introduction in the Sociology of Religion, having been the UK's key figure for more than twenty years. Recently Grace has turned her interest to addressing the discrepancy between an increase in conversation about religion and a decrease in understanding of religion. In the current video, she speaks to this discrepancy and questions the role RE might play in addressing it.

Watch Mark Chater on the future of RE

Mark Chater is Director of Culham St Gabriel's Trust. He is responsible for leading the strategic vision and planning of the trust, developing good connections with outside organisations, designing its work with and for teachers, and reporting regularly to its trustees.

Watch Joyce Miller on the future of RE

Joyce Miller is the Chair of the RE Council and an Associate Fellow of the Centre of Education Studies, University of Warwick. Joyce retired in 2007 from the post of Head of Diversity and Cohesion at Education Bradford where she led a team promoting community cohesion, race equality and respect for diversity. This included responsibility for religious education and the Interfaith Education Centre.

Watch Charles Clarke on the future of RE

Charles Clarke was a Labour MP between 1997 and 2010, during which time he was both Education Secretary and Home Secretary. He is currently a Visiting Professor in Religion and Faith at Lancaster University.