Scholarships and Bursaries Regulations

Regulations for Goldsmiths’ centrally administered scholarships and bursaries (hereafter referred to as ‘financial award/s’ or ‘award/s’).

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General eligibility criteria and regulations

  1. Unless otherwise stated, applicants must have been offered a place to study on a Goldsmiths programme and firmly accepted via UCAS or MyGoldsmiths. Applicants for online degree programmes run via the University of London are not eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must submit their financial award application by the deadline stated on the financial awards web page. There is no guarantee that any applications can be accepted after the deadline.
  3. Decisions on applications will be made according to the published criteria, all decisions are final.
  4. Where only a limited number of awards are available, award recipients will be selected on a competitive basis. All applicants who meet the basic criteria for an award will have their application considered by an awarding panel. All panel members understand that applicants will have a broad range of differing skills, attributes and experiences, so the awarding panel will give equal consideration to both the applicant’s academic record and the applicant’s answers to the questions posed on the award application form. Panel members also understand that what is important is the content of the answers and their relevance to the question, not the standard of writing.
  5. In the event that suitably qualified candidates are not identified, we reserve the right not to allocate all awards.
  6. Successful applicants must accept the award and agree to the general terms and conditions by the deadline given in the offer (normally 10 days from the date of the offer). If the offer and terms and conditions are not accepted, the offer may expire and a reserve candidate offered the financial award instead.
  7. Students who are currently enrolled on a Goldsmiths programme are not eligible to apply for a financial award unless they are applying for a subsequent separate programme.
  8. Unless otherwise stated, applicants will not be able to receive more than one award from those listed below.
  9. If the applicant is applying for deferred entry to Goldsmiths, they should apply for financial awards during the application cycle in which they intend to start the programme.
  10. Where successful candidates are studying part-time programmes the financial award will be available on a pro rata basis
  11. Regulations for all awards will be reviews annually in advance of publication. Amendments to regulations will only affect new award recipients, unless otherwise stated. Any amendment to regulations affecting existing recipients will not reduce their level of award.