Financial Regulations


Financial Management and Control

Section 20: Pay Expenditure

20.1 Remuneration Policy

Where College staff are appointed on salary scales, these must be approved by Council and in accordance with appropriate conditions of service. All letters of appointment must be issued by the Human Resources Department. Council will determine what other benefits are to be available, the basis of their provision (contributory or not) and the staff to whom they are to be available. Salaries for members of the Senior Management Team will be determined by the Remuneration Committee of Council.

20.2 Appointment of Staff

All contracts of service shall be concluded in accordance with the College's approved human resources practices and procedures and all offers of employment with the College shall be made in writing by the Director of Human Resources. Budget holders shall ensure that the Director of Finance and the Director of Human Resources are provided promptly with all information they may require in connection with the appointment, resignation or dismissal of employees.

Established staff may only be appointed to formally released posts. The Warden or his/her nominee must authorise the release of posts.

20.3 Salaries and Wages

The Director of Finance is responsible for all payments of salaries and wages to all staff including payments for overtime or services rendered. All timesheets and other pay documents, including those relating to fees payable to external examiners, visiting lecturers or researchers, will be in a form prescribed or approved by the Director of Finance. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for keeping the Director of Finance informed of all matters relating to Human Resources for payroll purposes. In particular these include:

  • appointments, resignations, dismissals, supervisions, secondments and transfers;
  • absences from duty for sickness or other reason, apart from approved leave;
  • changes in remuneration other than normal increments and pay awards;
  • information necessary to maintain records of service for superannuation, income tax and national insurance.

The Director of Finance is responsible for payments to non-employees and for informing the appropriate authorities of such payments. All casual and part-time employees will be included on the payroll. The Director of Finance shall be responsible for keeping all records relating to payroll including those of a statutory nature. All payments must be made in accordance with the section of the College's Financial Procedures relating to the Payroll, and comply with Inland Revenue regulations.

20.4 Superannuation Schemes

Council is responsible for undertaking the role of employer in relation to appropriate pension arrangements for employees. The Director of Finance is responsible for day-to-day superannuation matters, including:

  • paying contributions to various authorised superannuation schemes;
  • preparing the annual return to various superannuation schemes.

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for administering eligibility to pension arrangements and for informing the Director of Finance when deductions should begin or cease for staff.

20.5 Travel, Subsistence and other Allowances

All claims for payment of subsistence allowances, travelling and incidental expenses shall be completed in a form approved by the Director of Finance and in accordance with the College Expenses Policy. Claims by members of staff must be authorised by their Head of Department or by members of SMT for members of staff line-managed directly by them. The certification by the Head of Department or authorised signatory shall be taken to mean that:

  • the journeys were authorised;
  • the expenses were properly and necessarily incurred;
  • the allowances are properly payable by the College;
  • consideration has been given to value for money in choosing the mode of transport.

Arrangements for travel by the Warden or members of Council shall be approved by the Chair of Council. Arrangements for travel by the Chair of Council shall be approved by the Finance and Resources Committee.

20.6 Overseas Travel

All arrangements for overseas travel must be in accordance with the appropriate scheme approved by Council. Any approvals required must be obtained in advance of committing the College to those arrangements or confirmation of any travel bookings. Where spouses, partners or other persons unconnected with the College intend to participate in a trip, separate arrangements must be made unless there are exceptional circumstances and there is approval by the Head of Department in advance. The extra cost of travel for persons unconnected with the College must be reimbursed in advance of travel. The expenses of the persons unconnected with the College must be excluded from all subsequent claims for reimbursement of the cost of the journey by the member of staff.

20.7 Allowances for Members of Council

Claims for members of Council will be authorised by the Registrar and Secretary. Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed, in accordance with rates in the College Expenses Policy.

20.8 Severance and other Non-recurring Payments

Severance payments shall normally only be made under a scheme approved by Council through the Finance and Resources Committee and, where appropriate, the Human Resources Committee. Professional advice should be obtained where necessary. No amounts shall be expended that exceed the budget allocated for the purpose. All such payments shall be authorised by the Senior Management Team and calculations checked by the Director of Human Resources or Director of Finance.

Any individual settlements that do not fall within the parameters above or are in excess of either two years' salary or the limit specified in the scheme approved by Council, also require the approval by the Remuneration Committee. In exceptional circumstances this approval may be given by the Chair of Human Resources Committee and the Chair of the Remuneration Committee in consultation with the Warden, to be reported to the next meeting of the relevant committee. Amounts paid should be declared in the Financial Statements.

All severance payments must be made in accordance with relevant legislation and, in the case of payments to senior staff, the relevant HEFCE Guidelines.

All matters referred to an Employment Tribunal shall be notified to the Director of Human Resources and, depending on the likely budgetary implications, the Finance and Resources Committee at the earliest opportunity in order that budget provision may be made as necessary. All determinations of tribunals must be similarly notified.

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