Student Support Appeal

Please support students struggling with financial and emotional crises during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Law student, Jessica Delgado and Professor Les Back explain why students need our support

2020 has been a year like no other

Covid-19 continues to present an unparalleled challenge to our students at Goldsmiths. University life is far from normal. Teaching is being delivered through a mix of online and in-person learning.  

Goldsmiths is seeing higher levels of demand for financial and emotional support among students, worried about how they will pay their living costs or manage feelings of isolation or anxiety.

Students feel vulnerable

The most vulnerable students are suffering the most. These include students who have spent time in care, single parents on low incomes, students facing homelessness, victims of domestic abuse, or those with mental health problems.

For many students, the part-time jobs that they relied upon to support them through their studies no longer exist. This is particularly hard for those with no family support to fall back on.

Students who are unable to afford their own laptop cannot join online lectures or access online learning, which now accounts for over 70% of their learning time.

Students need our support

Without immediate support, students face increasing levels of poverty and desperation and may be forced to drop out of university. Not only would this be damaging to their lives and self-esteem, it will take away their future employment prospects.

Please make a donation to the Student Support Appeal

All donations to the Student Support Appeal will be used to provide support to students facing extraordinary financial and emotional challenges during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, wherever their needs are greatest.

This could be through a Student Hardship Fund grant to help with living costs, or an Online Learning Contribution Fund grant to purchase a laptop. Your gift could also be used to support a student through an award or bursary.

Please help Goldsmiths’ students to succeed in their studies and contribute to the world as teachers, lawyers, artists, journalists, film makers, and change makers – as generations of alumni have done before them.

How will your donations help?

We are extremely grateful for the kindness and generosity of our alumni community, colleagues and friends. A donation of any amount would be very welcome.

  • £20 could provide emergency groceries for a student facing hunger
  • £50 could help provide a student with mental health support
  • £100 could provide an Emergency Support Fund grant to a vulnerable student in crisis
  • £300 could provide a student with a laptop from the Online Learning Contribution Fund
  • £500 could help a student who has lost their part-time work and risks homelessness with a Student Hardship Fund grant
  • £1,000 could provide an award or bursary for a student otherwise unable to continue with their degree without additional financial support

If you prefer, you can give a regular gift of £5 / £10 / £50 per month, or whatever you can afford.

Your generosity will ensure we can respond to every Goldsmiths student who needs our help.

Thank you for your support