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Your donation to the Student Support Appeal will be used to help students facing extraordinary financial and emotional challenges.

  • £20 could provide emergency groceries for a student facing hunger
  • £50 could help provide a student with mental health support
  • £100 could provide an Emergency Support Fund grant to a vulnerable student in crisis to cover essential living costs or child-related costs like clothing or nappies
  • £300 could provide a student with a grant to purchase a laptop
  • £1,000 could provide a Student Hardship Fund grant to help a student who has lost their part-time work and risks homelessness to pay their rent arrears
  • £3,000 could provide an award or bursary for a student otherwise unable to continue with their degree without additional financial support

We are extremely grateful for the kindness and generosity of our community of alumni and friends. A donation of any amount would be very welcome.