Ethical Investment Policy


Goldsmiths invests funds with various third party organisations through the investment of surplus funds and endowments. On occasion it also makes investments in spin-out companies and other related parties as these opportunities arise. It is the intention of the College to make investments in ways that are consistent with the objects and values of the College as expressed in its Charter and Statutes.

In order to achieve these aims, the College will not invest in companies whose activities could be seen to endanger individuals or groups of people, or whose activities are inconsistent with its Charter and Statutes and community of stakeholders. 

In order to ensure compliance with this policy the College will:

  • consider the ethical implications of all future investments alongside the commercial opportunities.
  • allow members of its community of stakeholders to engage with the ethical investment policy by publishing the policy on the College website with appropriate contact details
  • ensure that fund managers responsible for the University’s investments are operating to socially responsible objectives consistent with those of the University
  • review this policy regularly in conjunction with the College’s Treasury Management Policy Statement.

Approved by Council
29 June 2010