Corporate Gifts and Hospitality Policy


1. In regard to Corporate Hospitality and Gifts for individual members of College, the following should be politely refused and not accepted under any circumstances:

a. Gifts of money (this does not include corporate endowments/donations to the College itself);
b. Free membership or subscriptions (eg sport or other clubs);
c. Foreign travel unless as a specific element of a business, academic or research activity. 'Holiday' type offers are unacceptable;
d. Free goods or services such as are normally provided by the supplier to the College at a charge;
e. Other free equipment or goods or services such as cars, housing, etc.

2. Any offers falling into the categories (a) to (e) above should be rejected and notified immediately to the Registrar and Secretary, who will take any action thought necessary with the offerer.

3. The following are acceptable:

a. Occasional lunches or dinners;
b. The receipt of seasonal or, for instance, end of contract expressions of gratitude from suppliers and contractors by way of items such as boxes of chocolates or individual bottles of drink;
c. Incidental items such as calendars, diaries, pens, cheap calculators, usually carrying advertising material;
d. Occasional corporate events such as sporting fixtures, provided that these do not involve excessive extra travelling at the College's or the donor's expense.

4. Any item not covered above shall be notified for advice to the Head of Department who shall seek guidance from the Registrar and Secretary.

Approved by Council, 8 December 1998
Amended by the Chair of Council on behalf of Council, October 2004