Winter Ceremonies 2018

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More than 1,150 scholars graduated over seven ceremonies between 17 – 20 December 2018, joined by some 2,300 celebrating friends and family.

Alongside the graduating class of 2018 were three new Goldsmiths Honorary Fellows: auctioneer Francis Outred; teacher, former MP, previous Goldsmiths Chair of Council and current member of the House of Lords Estelle Morris; and CEO of Edelman UK and Ireland, Ed Williams. Decolonial thinker Professor Walter D. Mignolo is receiving an Honorary Degree of the University of London.

A special group of honorary graduates also walked across the Great Hall stage – students who studied for a Certificate in Education at Goldsmiths prior to 1981.

With some now in their ninth decade, they were awarded an honorary degree in education (HonBEd) to mark their extraordinary achievements teaching decades of young people, a profession they entered before an undergraduate degree was required.

Patrick Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths, said: “Graduation is a truly special time, when the College gathers to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our students.

“It’s also a moment to applaud the hard work of all of our staff at College who inspire, encourage and support our scholars.”