14 (Dec 86) The work of Women, Heritage and Museums (WHAM) and statistics on the Tate. Also the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. Review of Mary Kelly's Interim . Maria Simonds-Gooding, Renate Meyer, Lesley Bricknell and recent work of Elena Gaputyte and Mona Hatoum. Pam Gerrish Nunn on the uses of theory. 

13 (Oct 86) The first issue of the WASL Journal extended to 15 pages. Gina Glover on photography and Kate Russell on textiles and teaching. Reviews of Women on Men, The Issue of Painting with Sutapa Biswas, Margaret Harrison, Glenys Johnson and Tangled Roots: second annual exhibition of Black Women Artists. Rosie Leventon profiled. 

12 (Aug 96) Fleeting Monument by Cornelia Parker illustrates Surveying the Scene. Also Ting-Fay Ho, Pam Skelton, Isabel Lambert and Heroic Women by Ursula Bayer and Caron McMullen. Pam Gerrish Nunn on Janet Edmeades and The New Art History. Debating feminist art history are Marilyn Crabtree and Tamar Garb. Also the Turner Prize.
11 (Early Summer 86) Turn-of-the-century painter Patty Townsend. Banner-making with Thalia Campbell, the Irish women artists event Eye to Eye, quilt historian Cuesta Benberry's with the Zamani Soweto Sisters. Reviews of Terri Bullen, report on Feminism and Art History Workshop. Marisa Rueda, Ting-Fay Ho and Maud Sulter.
10 (Spring 86) The Zamani Soweto Sisters, Angelika Kauffman. Exhibitions: Christine Merton, Surveying the Scene, Underground Women , Shante Lumsden and A Second Viewing, Suffragette and contemporary banners. "Women and Photography" magazine previewed by Maxine Walker.