55 (Nov/Dec 93) Jane Beckett reviews the RA Show American Art in the 20th Century and the women's work not included. Frances Borzello looks at 18thC 'lady amateur artists'. Anna Douglas explores women's erotica and reviews of Elective Affinities and Bad Girls (ICA) address a whole range of concerns around the body. Also Agnes Martin, Prunella Clough, and Melanie Manchot, and interviews with Alexis & Alison Hunter and Cathy & Elizabeth de Monchaux.

54 (Sep/Oct 93) From Good Girls to Bad Girls: 20 Years of Feminist Art
Lucy Lippard on bad girls old and new. Griselda Pollock on the feminist debates that changed the way we see art. A look at Julia Kristeva and women in auction houses. Tacita Dean, Emma Rushton, Nicky Hirst, Andrea Fisher, Mona Hatoum, Ruth Catlow, Anne Testut, Addela Kahn and profile of Margaret Geddes ("Mrs William Carpenter" 1793-1872), Partners, Locate and Sarah Kent's Peripheral States.

53 (Jul/Aug 93) Whitney Chadwick on the partnership of Sonia and Robert Delaunay. The latest from WAC (Women's Action Coalition) and the Guerrilla Girls. Judith Leyster's (1609-1660) images of women and domestic ideology. Mona Hatoum, Ghislaine Howard, women at the XLV Venice Biennale, Aboriginal women artists, Overcoming Obstacles and new textile work by Dinah Prentice, Lesley Millar and Dilys Stinson. Monographs on Sofonisba Anguissola (1535-1625) and Eileen Gray (1878-1976) reviewed.   
52 (May/Jun 93) War and Landscape Val Williams on Sophie Ristelhueber's aerial images of war-torn Beirut and how war changed Lee Miller's work. Mary Kelly on how the Gulf War provided potent symbols and images of masculinity for her new work. Rejecting the sentimentality landscape photographers Fay Godwin, Elizabeth Williams, Ingrid Pollard and Karen Knorr reposition age-old nature/culture debate. New conclusions about Georgia O'Keeffe. Also Melanie Counsell, Visualising Masculinities, Helen Chadwick  
51 (Mar/Apr 93) Georgia O'Keeffe's struggle with the critics.Deanna Petherbridge re-hangs Gravity & Grace. Pennina Barnett on issues surrounding textile work in Out of the Frame. Zarina Bhimji, Roxy Walsh, Niki de Saint Phalle, Susan Rothenberg, Sally Mann, pioneer photographer Olive Edis (1876-1955), and Katrina Lithgow's photographs of the female nude.   
50 (Jan/Feb 93) The Face The fantasy of the 'real face' in contemporary photography and Jacques Lacan. Marcia Pointonon the relationship between artist, sitter and spectator. Julia Browne on animal portrait artists and Alison Yarrington on representations of children. Griselda Pollock on 18thC London and Angelica Kauffman. Liliane Lijn, Judith Cowan, Alexis Hunter, Jane Ralley, Sophie Molins, Catherine Yass, Annette Chevallier, Paula Rego, Nancy Honey