82 (Dec/Jan/Feb 98/99) A Beast of an Issue Women working with the beast and related imagery. Clare Manchester talks to Margarita Gluzberg on monsters, aliens and wigs. Kitty Hauser on taxidermy and contemporary photography, Zelda Cheatle on Helen Chadwick, Suzanne Cotter, Siobhan Hapaska, Naomi Salaman on Alison Marchant, Jennifer Higgie on Marion Coutts and Emma Hathaway.

81 (Sep/Oct/Nov 98) 20 Years of Women's Art Althea Greenan on women's art which emerged from 70s feminist politics and still “too hot to handle”. Catherine Elwes takes an overview of video from the last 20 years, Felicity Allen interviews Bobby Baker on professionalism, amateurism and careers, Alison Bracker discusses the work of Lisa Lyon and Robert Mapplethorpe, Kim Sweet at ICA conference looking back 1968-78. RL Withers reviews Mariko Mori at the Serpentine. Libby Anson on Sylvie Fleury, Marie-Ann Mancio on Sophie Calle and Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt on Arts Transpennine and Manifesta.


80 (Mar/Apr/May 98) A Global Issue Simon Ford on the performance and pornography of Cosey Fanni Tutti. Also agnes b, T-shirts and Point d'Ironie. Asa Nacking interviews Elin Wikstrom and Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt emails Hans Ulrich Obrist. Koo Jeong-A (in French and English), Sarah Sze, Andrea Zittel, Claire Barclay, Tracey Moffatt, Mona Hatoum, women artists from Scotland and Slovenia, and European women-artist-run spaces. Artist pages by Lily van der Stokker.

79 (Mar/Apr/May 98) Anti Theory Marsha Meskimmon on feminist criticism beyond the theory/practice divide. Lorraine Gamman and Jamie Brassett on yBas and sensation-alism, Mark Harris on anti-theory as theory, Rob Stone on painting and football, RL Withers Talks Shite and Vox Pop asks 'Does theory dominate current writing about art?'. Elisabeth Mahoney meets Cornelia Parker, Ingrid Swenson profiles Elizabeth Peyton. Yoko Ono, Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Rineke Dijkstra and Rose & Blue.   
78 (Dec/Jan/Feb 97/8) Cyberspace and Utopia Nicole Matthews surfs the internet, Helen Sloan examines new contexts, language and electronic media. Catherine Elwes on Rose Finn-Kelcey, Pamela Gerrish Nunn on curating Pre-RaphaeliteWomen Artists. Claire Lofting interviews Judith Goddard. Katherine Meynell, Sean Cubitt, Mohini Chandra, Suky Best, Frances Aviva Blane, Beat Streuli, Kate Davis, Sensation, Fotofeis '97 and the Jerwood Painting Prize.